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Δευτέρα, 30 Ιουνίου 2014

Rusty Nailed ( the cocktail series #2) by Alice Clayton

 Playing house was never so much fun—or so confusing. With her boss on an extended honeymoon, Caroline’s working crazy-long hours to keep the
interior design
company running—especially since she’s also the lead designer for the renovation of a gorgeous old hotel. And with Simon, her hotshot photographer boyfriend, gallivanting all over the world for his job, the couple is heavy-duty into "absence makes the heart grow fonder" mode. No complaints about the great reunion sex, though!

Then a trip back east to his childhood home has Simon questioning his nomadic lifestyle. He decides to be home more. A lot more. And he wants Caroline home more, too. Though their friends’ romantic lives provide plenty of welcome distraction, eventually Caroline and Simon have to sort out their relationship. Sure, more togetherness is a good thing—but does less traveling and working have to mean the other extreme? Apple pie and picket fences? With this second book in the Cocktail series, USA TODAY bestselling author Alice Clayton delivers another delicious, frothy confection of a book, shaking up her characters, stirring in laugh-out-loud humor, and serving sizzling romance straight up!

                                                             My opinion:
 The sizzling sequel to Wallbanger.
The prologue is about how Caroline and Simon spent their first Christmas as a couple. It continues describing how well their relationship is, what they do every time they are together and their trips. Caroline's boss asked her to be the leader on a new project  they might have since she had her plans for the wedding. Mimi now was engaged with Ryan but poor Sofia had broken up with Neil and she was a mess. Caroline took the job, she was excited about it. Jillian's wedding was simple but elegant. After the wedding Caroline was super busy but she had always have a little time for her wallbanger and her friends. Simon had his highschool reunion, he went with Caroline but he seemed to be very anxious. After that Simon changed, in a good way, he didn't travel much and he actually made plans to spend holidays with Caroline's family. After a few days Simon surprised Caroline by telling her that he wanted to buy a house and live with her. They bought it and she was gonna renovate it, but with her work and this new responsibility she was starting to freaking out. With lots of thinking and talking she solved that problem. She was happy with her wallbanger in their new house.

Can this book series be any better? It's as funny and hot as the first one was. In this book we can see how Caroline and Simon grow in this relationship. They are  having fun, they argue but mostly they love each other so much. We learn a few things about Simon's past, we meet some new fun characters. I loved that the epilogue was from Clive's view, it was adorable.

My favourite lines:
 1)    “I’m coming.”
    “Still? Damn, I’m good. We nished an hour ago . . .”


2)Not all men can handle the P-word. And boy, is that a mouthful. Ahem. Some say it all the time,
some use it in common conversation. But a good P-word is all about placement: when to say it, where
to say, how to say it. Dirty talk is an art. Do it too often, it becomes routine. Never do it, and you’re
missing something.

3)   Eh, sleep is overrated. Being turned over by a Wallbanger? Priceless.

4)Simon looked at Trevor in shock. “Dude?”
   Trevor nodded. “Dude.”
   Simon digested, then grinned wide. “Dude!”
   Take a lesson, girls: That’s how you communicate with someone you haven’t seen in ten years.


5)   “Let’s go say good-bye to the apostles,” I replied, making his brow furrow in confusion. “I feel like fucking the Homecoming King.”


6)“Nightie Girl, we should totally buy this fucking house,” he said, laughing when I shrieked

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                                                         Rusty Nailed

Παρασκευή, 27 Ιουνίου 2014

Friends with Benefits ( The Boulevard #2) by Lena Matthews and Maggie Casper

 For Bailey Edwards, deciding on a no-strings-attached affair was the easy part. Getting her male best friend to agree was a different matter. Tired of men who want her only for her looks, Bailey has given up on romantic relationships that lead nowhere. An affair with Sebastian could be the perfect solution — hot explosive sex with no commitment. What more could a girl ask for?Sebastian Emerzian isn't sure what to think when his female best friend propositions him. He's already resigned himself to a friends-only relationship with Bailey despite his long-held desires for more. Sebastian is more than willing to turn up the heat as long as the headstrong beauty understands he'll be defining the terms of their new relationship.While Bailey may be looking for a "friend with benefits" type of relationship, she'll learn the hard way that if she wants to play, she'll have to do things his way. And Sebastian doesn't play nice for anyone.Readers Advisory: While this is a stand-alone novel, we recommend reading Maverick's Black Cat first.

                                                                  My opinion:
 Bailey had quitted from her previous job because she didn't want her coworkers  to think she had special privileges, the problem was that she hated her new job and her new coworkers. Bailey was envy (in a good way) her best friend's life, she had found her true love and Bailey was still straggling through bad dates. So Bailey had an idea to have sex with her male best friend. She had a plan, to seduce him but it didn't work out very well. Sebastian wasn't a man who would screw every now and then. She was so angry with him with the way he left her. Sebastian wanted to fuck her but he didn't know how to explain his fetish to her. Sebastian was ready to show her what she would be getting if they were going to have an affair. After their little show, she knew she wanted what he had to offer her but she wasn't good at following orders. That's how she earned her spankings. "Think before you talk..." Sebastian didn't and now she was mad at him again. He was in love with her and he was ready to fix his mistake. He did tried but this time it was Bailey who had screwd everything up, big time.
Her fear of commitment was tearing them apart. But with the help of her mother and her best friend they had the chance to talk and realise how much they loved each other.

It was hot and sweet. Just as the Maverick's Black Cat, we have a dominant man and an independant woman who refuse to submit to their lover, well except in the bedroom that is. Lots of kinky sex, fights and love. Bailey is an independant woman who didn't want help from anyone and was afraid of commitment. Sebastian was usually a carefree man but in his sex life was a very dominant man who wanted to be always in control. We can see Mason and Cat here too and we're introduced to Big Phill and Natalie.

My favourite lines:
 1)On some twisted porn level their "how they met" love story was romantic. Poor girl meets rich boy on jerk site.
Boy dominates girl. Girl finds out boy is her boss. Boy and girl live happily ever after.

2) What's the matter with you 'Bastian? I'm not going to bite.
But i might if you keep it up.

3) Keep it up brat and i'll warm your ass long before Sebastian gets the chance.

4) un-fucking-believable. My orgasms had orgasms.

5)"Open your thighs for me sweetheart. I want to smell the sweet scent of your sex all the way home."

6) We'd better go inside before i bend you over the hood of the car and fuck you until you can't walk straight.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                                         friends with benefits

Τετάρτη, 25 Ιουνίου 2014

Maverick's BlackCat (Boulevard #1) by Maggie Casper and Lena Matthews

 Research. It was all in the name of research, or that's what Catarena keeps telling herself every time she meets Maverick online. In exchange for his knowledge of D/s relationships, Catarena willingly becomes his apt pupil, giving over her mind, body and soul to his commands.Their relationship seems to be made in online heaven…until the webcam turns on, unveiling a familiar face to Catarena's startled eyes.Mason can't get his cyber
out of his mind. BlackCat is a dream come true to this dominant man, every lesson bringing them closer to the brink of something wonderful. But when he tries to heat things up by turning on the camera, something goes incredibly wrong and his Kitten runs from him.Finding his cyber vixen proves to be a hopeless mission until fate steps in, revealing Catarena in the most unlikely of places.

                                                              My opinion:
 Catarena was a writer and she was trying to find information about the BDSM world so she can write her new novel. This is the reason she was lurking in a cyber sex site. She couldn't find a serious person to talk to there until she found Maverick. He wasn't pervert and was kind enough to answer her questions. Mason/Maverick was intrigued by Catarena/Blackcat. Then he made a deal with her, he would give her all the research material and he would be in control. She agreed to that.
She was nervous about their first online session. It was successful but they would continue for more, he gave her instructions which she had to follow. In the next session Maverick pushed her boundaries making her do things she had never done before and she loved it.  Catarena pushed him and the result was a gift from him,a webcam. Everything that happened were great she was very aroused by him watching her as she did as he told but when she saw who he was she panicked. Mason was so
pissed that she wanted to end this but also he was determined to find out who Blackcat was. She tried to avoid him so he won't realise who she was but he did. His dominant ways were making her extremely angry. But they talked and agreed to find a way to solve their problems before it's too late. After many arguments they had their happy end.

Wow it's a hot hot hot story. Very erotic and sweet at the same time. I caught myself smiling while reading it. The characters are amazing especially Bailey, Catarena's friend. Women who love cyber relationships will love this book. I don't know what to say about the erotic scenes, they're super duper hot. I loved the way the story is written, i could easily visualise it.
Catarena is a sweet, smart woman with a sassy mouth. Mason is a dominant man who always got what he wanted but he also had a good side only a few people had the chance to see. They both had a friend who cared very much about them and that they would give them hell for everything funny or stupid they did.

My favourtie lines:

1)Maverick: You don’t have to worry about offending me, Kitten. I’m a big boy.
BlackCat: How big?
BlackCat: Let’s pretend I didn’t ask that.
Maverick: Why don’t you just ask me not to breathe, it would be easier?

2)BlackCat: You’re making this hard on me.
Maverick: I assure you, Kitten, you’re doing the same for me.

3)Maverick: Ask away, baby, but be forewarned, if we ever meet, you and your sassy mouth have got a spanking coming your way…and I’m not talking about the erotic kind.

4)Mason wanted her to come, he wanted her to come on his fingers, against his tongue and most of all he wanted her to come around the rigid length of his shaft. Oh, yeah, he wanted her to come. Just not yet.

5)“Candy and jewelry are gifts. A webcam is a Penthouse letter waiting to happen.”


6)“You’d probably run screaming if you knew what was in my dreams,” he whispered the words in her ear, his voice menacing. “You’ve opened Pandora’s box, baby.”


7)“Fucking for pleasure isn’t, though. I could make you crave me as much as you crave your next breath. To want to do things you never thought you would want to do. Experience things you didn’t think were possible. You want to write a book. I can give you all the information you could ever need.”

8)“When I said I wanted it ASAP, I didn’t expect airmail.”


9)“You caveman. Me intelligent woman. You asshole. Me not going to take it anymore.”


10). If you’ll go start me a shower, I’ll be your slave for life.”
“Can I get it in writing?” he asked dryly, getting up.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                                              Maverick's Black Cat

Δευτέρα, 23 Ιουνίου 2014

Burned by Tara Sivec


                                              My opinion:
After seventeen years of Feinnly being with her husband,Jordan, they are divorcing. She loved him alot but she couldn't be  with him anymore. Jordan was a bad boy and in the beggining of their relationship Feinnly thought that she could fix him. Over the years she caught him telling her lies and every time he promised her he won't do it again, false promises. A month after their break up she saw her first boyfriend in a bar. She never forgotten him and he didn't either. They kissed and she felt guilty about it but she loved every second of it. They both wanted more of each other and they had it. In addition with her ex husband Collin knew how to give her pleasure. After an amazing sex session Jordan came home, things got worst. Finnley felt aweful that she told Collin to leave, she thought that he hated her for that. She was kinda right because he was very angry with her.Phina told her what to do so she can have a chance to talk to Collin. They talked and everything were great between them. Collin and Finley started to getting to know each other again, they were happy. That is until the day someone put a fire in her house while she was inside. He came for her, he saved her life. After seventeen years finnley had a happy life with a man who loved her as much as she loved him.

Simply amazing. It's intense, sexy,romantic. The story is being told by both Finnley and Collin. It has lots of sex, dirty talk, arguments and a crazy ex-husband. 
From the first time they met you could see that they were born to be together, even if he did the teenage mistake to dump her. After so many years apart and the fire that was burning inside of them it was as strong as it used to be. The weird attraction that they both had towards fire brought them together and fire almost killed both of them.

My favourite lines:
1)The thing about time is, it moves achingly slow when you’re doing something you hate and it flies faster than the speed of light when you’re doing something you love. Time is a fickle bitch.

2)“It’s never too late to live your dreams. You just have to want them enough to make them come true.”

3)“I wanted your heart to blister with the pain of losing her.”

4)“Fire brought us together seventeen years ago and fire almost ripped us apart seventeen
years later. It left behind a few burns and some scars that will never completely heal, but it
didn’t destroy us. Nothing can destroy us, Finnley. It’s been seventeen weeks since I almost
lost you. I can handle anything that life throws at me, but I can’t handle even a day without
you by my side.”

You can buy it on Amazon:

Stud muffin wanted by Lena Matthews

After taking a magazine sex quiz, Karon Bower is close to tears. Out of fifty questions, she could only say yes to experiencing five. Following her best friend Jacque's advice, Karon decides to go through the quiz and list everything she wants to try.Several glasses of wine and a plate of Alfredo later, Karon and Jacque come up with twenty-seven things she wants to do, thirteen things she might do and five things she wouldn't do at gunpoint. Her quest for a Stud Muffin seems all in good fun until an acquaintance comes over to her table and offers to fulfill her list.If anyone had ever told Tristan Dodson that sexy, full-figured Karon was in dire need of an orgasm, he wouldn't have believed them. She's one of the hottest and smartest women he knows, and the very thought of her never having experienced oral pleasure made him speechless, not to mention choking on his ravioli. Tristan had been looking for a way to expand the boundaries of their friendship and Karon's overheard little list seems just the ticket. Now all he needed to do was convince her he was her Stud Muffin.

                                               My opinion:
Karon found a quiz on a magazine and filled it, she was dissapointed with the result and her sex life in general. She hadn't experienced almost all of the sex acts that was in that quiz. So her friend had the idea to make a list of what Karon wanted to do then she had to find a hot stud to do them. Tristan heard the discussion Karon had with her friend, and offered her to be her stud muffin. She was so embarrased but he wouldn't let the subject be forgotten,he wanted her too much. Karon had her doubts but she agreed to that. They were having great sex nd fulfilling her list but Tristan was falling
for her. Karon was coming out of her shell and he loved it, she was showing to him what others never get to see. When Karon was able to admit her real feelings to him they had their happily ever after.

A nice story about a woman who wanted to fulfill her sexual fantasies and a man who wanted her enough to agree to be her stud muffin. Karon was a great and funny person but she was always trying to be a good girl. Tristan was a great guy who was finally getting what he wanted. Their friends are amazing, Jacque is in the wild side, she wasn't afraid to do anything for her pleasure, Zoya was the exact opposite too strict for her own good. Lucas, Tristan's friend was on the wild side too and a bit crazy but way too charming.

There's lots of sex, funny moments and love....

My favourite lines:
1) “Back up, Attila, give the man some room.”

2)“Who are you?” Zoya rudely asked, being ruder than normal, even for her.
“What she really meant to say,” Jacque stepped forward, bumping Zoya out of the way, “was hi, her name is Zoya and you are?”

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                 Stud muffin wanted

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Angels in leather (Rebels on bikes #1) by Bella Jewel

Love is never beautiful. 

It's dirty, and raw, and broken. That's what makes it perfect. It's two broken pieces forming together to make something whole, something worth fighting for. 

Axel Wraithe is my other piece. He's the biker who's been hunting me for a year, yet he's the one who can so easily break me. 

He wants what I have, and I want what he's got to give. Only he's fighting against himself, not willing to give it. 

He's got monsters in his heart, changing who he is, changing what he believes in. I'm the only one who can help him, and I won't stop until I've got the truth. 

I want to fix what's broken, but I can't do that without him. 

So I'll fight for my gorgeous, broken biker. I'll fight until our pieces fit back together.

                                           My opinion:
The story begins with Medow commiting suicide but in the last minute she was saved by Axel, an old friend.Then as the story continues we have a glimpse of Axel been tortured by a club and Medows father killed by Axel. Then her dad gave her a package she had to deliver to the police without getting caught by Axel. And that's what she did. He found her, but 
Medow was lucky enough and escaped him for a third time. She went to another town, changed her appearance and got a job. Axel had became a monster and he could be very dangerous. He got her and he was ready to get what he wanted from her. She doesn't know this Axel any more but her body reacts to him. He put her through hell to get that usb, but now the enemy is coming after her again, and Medow finds out that he wasn't just chasing her all this time but saving her. She saw how damaged he was and she still wanted to be with him but he refused to tell her what happened in his life
that made him like this. After a few days he showed her that he cared and that there was good inside him. He finally told her the truth and it wasn't good. He revealed the last secret to her and she didn't run, she loved him and she would do anything for him.

It's dark and beautiful. There's alot of pain, lots of secrets and love.
Medow had a bad life that was getting worst and worst. Axel's life was a hell and didn't trust many people, but he was able to let her in his life, it was the best decision he ever made. They've been though alot together because of a plan that went wrong and a horrible person. At the end the broken person became whole with the love of his woman.

My favourite lines:
1)“I’ll find you, Meadow,” Axel roars. “Mark my fuckin’ words.”

2)“I’m a bad man, Meadow. You’re pushing a wild animal, and eventually that animal will lose it.”

3)“You ain’t asleep,” he grumbles.
    I open my eyes and stare up at him. “I’m sure you’re proud of that clever observation.”

4)“Love, don’t give up on those that are broken. Because when put back
together, they can be the most faithful lovers, but more, they can be the best and loyal friends.”

5) “You keep runnin’ baby, but when I get you, I’m goin’ to
 fuck you so hard you won’t be able to scream my name.”

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                         Angels in leather

Σάββατο, 21 Ιουνίου 2014

Wingman (Woman) by Bella Jewel

What can I say about Reign Braxton? 

King of sex. Jealous. Possessive. Obsessed. Gorgeous. 

Those are the first thoughts that come to mind when describing the sex extraordinaire that is my new boss. 

Six months ago, I would have melted to my knees at the very sight of him. Golden eyes, tall, broad, ripped beyond ripped, messy black hair and a smile to die for. He could flick your panties off and have them running for cover with a mere glance in your direction. 

He’s also an asshole. 

Like, a mega asshole. Not just your average prick—no, Reign takes prick to a whole new level. He owns the word. What he doesn’t own, however, is a heart. It packed its bags and ran off with the last woman who left him: the woman who put me in this position. 

The woman that brought Reign into my life. 


Also known as Slutena. That’s all she is, a giant whore with dollar signs in her eyes. Her need for Reign goes no further than a cock to warm her expensive pussy at night and a credit card to pay for her luxurious, make-her-legs-look-gorgeous shoes. 
But without Slutena, there would be no me. You see, although Reign is all those things to her, to him she’s like . . . sunshine or whatever. He looks at her and his golden eyes go all mushy. He fell for her million-dollar pussy and those damned legs, and then he found another man balls deep inside her just over a year ago. 

Broke his heart—the heart she still holds. 

So that’s where I come in. I’d like to call myself a superhero, but that would be unclassy. I’m far better. I’m the ultimate. I’m the reason his bed is kept warm and his ex is kept jealous. 

I’m Reign’s wingman. 

Or, wingwoman, if you will. 

                                                         My opinion:
The story begins with how Tia ended up being Reign's wingman woman. They met at one of his clubs and after a conversation she offered to find him a woman to fuck. Next day he called offering her a job, for 5.000 dollars she would be his wingman until his ex came back to him. They're getting along pretty well, she pisses him off some times but he seems to like it.They developed a weird casual friendship. Soon enough Tia meets Reign's ex Selena, a beautiful but bitchy woman. In the meantime Tia met Xander, he works for Reign and he is supposed to be a ladies man, just what she needs, a good lay. Bad thing: the guy is a fucking psycho. When Reign found out what he did to her, he took care of him. Autumn, Tia's friend seemed to have a problem but refused to tell her, so she was worried about her. And when she found out that her friend was in real danger Reign called Jackson and Spike to help her.When Selena is near Reign he changes into an asshole and Tia hates that, she also hates Selena. She started to care more than she should about him and that hurts her. Reign lusted over her too and had the chance to taste her. Selena was succeeding at ruining Tia's and Reign's relationship.But 
the smart bikers helped Tia to make a plan so she can show to him what kind of whore Selena is. In the end Reign opened his eyes and saw who was the right woman for him.

I freakin loved it. It's funny and sexy. I finished it in one day, i couldn't bare to put it down.
I'm in love with Tia's character, she is  funny,sweet,sexy,she knows how to throw a decent punch and when  to curse.
Reign is sexy, broody but funny and he's a man that he can love deeply. We see Spike , Jackson ,Cade and their ladies from the Mc Sinners series. These boys helped alot Tia, she was one of their own in the end.

My favourite lines:
1)As if sensing my presence, he turns and holy shit, my
panties shrivel up and die at the mere sight of him. 

2)“Why are you hard?” I screech, pushing my hands up between us and pressing them against his chest. He doesn’t move.
    “I have a nice, warm, pretty attractive body up against mine,” he says simply. “And I’m horny.”
    “You’re disgusting, do not even think about getting lucky in this closet with me.”
    “Don’t need to get lucky, baby,” he says, his voice almost evil. “But I can get revenge.”
    “Oh don’t you even-”

3)“It won’t matter, it will give me great satisfaction. Don’t pretend you don’t like it, your pussy is all hot and bothered against me.”

4)     “You don’t shut that pretty mouth, I’ll roll you over and fuck you. God knows you owe me.”
     I snort and slide out of the bed. “I don’t owe you anything, and you’re certainly not getting a piece
of this.”
     I point to my body and wiggle. His mouth twitches.

5)I think my fuckin’ hips are broken. Shit, girl, you ride it like you stole it.”
     I laugh softly. “You know me. I never do things in halves.”

6)“Touch your gorgeous nipples, rub them. Turn every fucker on that looks up here. Show them how good it feels to have my cock deep inside your sweet cunt,”

7)And who knew that the wingman, or lady, in my case, could actually get the guy?

    Now that shit is how stories should truly end.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                               wingman woman

Παρασκευή, 20 Ιουνίου 2014

McQuade: The Lone Wolf Takes A Mate ( a bbw shifter romance) by Lynn Richards

McQuade Jenner was a lone wolf. 

He didn't need some antiquated idea of one mate for life messing up his perfect bachelor lifestyle. On any given night he could find a biker groupie–human or shifter–reckless enough for a one-time fling with a wolf. He could bed a woman when he felt the need and go home to the solitude he enjoyed. And that's exactly what he'd intended to do the night Rose Spencer walked into his life–alone, wet, and trouble just waiting to happen. He’d never intended to get involved with the innocent Rose–she was a life-time commitment and McQuade didn't do commitment. But what was a wolf protector supposed to do when the woman his wolf wanted was threatened by a low-life lion shifter? 

Rose Spencer wasn't the bar-scene type. She'd never have stepped foot inside the shifter bar unless she’d been trying to protect her sister–again. When would she learn that Alice was quite capable of taking care of herself–and that she was the one suddenly in need of protection? 

                                             My opinion:
McQuade Jenner was looking for a night with a woman so he can unleash some sexual frustration, for him 30 days without sex was a very long time.Then he saw the beautiful and angry woman who entered the club. Rose was on a mission to save her beautiful sister (she always thought her sister was beautiful and she was the ugly one).Rose entered the bar with the hope
that she would find her sister there but she was nowhere.McQuade was checking her, Rose noticed him too.When she got into trouble with lion shifters he stepped up to help her. His protector inside him knew he had to take her away so they won't be able to hurt her. So McQuade took her home, he was so turned on by her and he had a hard time keeping it in his pants.
But he went home before he did anything crazy.The next day her sister came to cause another trouble to her and McQuade  came to save the day again.A week after that and he still couldn't take her off his mind he needed one night with her. One night wasn't enough and when he found out that rose was in danger he understood that he couldn't stay away from her. The lone wolf found his mate....

It is a great romantic and sexy story about a lone wolf and a stubborn woman.He thought that fucking another woman every night was all he needed that was until he met her. She was beautiful even if she didn't realise it, she also was kind and cared for the others. Together they were perfect. I like the way it's written, when Rose was talking it showed her innocence and when McQuade was talking showed his desire.

My favourite lines:
1)“Rose, this grinning buffoon is Briggs, a gigantic pain in the butt.”
    “Don’t listen to him, honey. I bring nothing but pleasure to a woman, no matter how we might be doing it.”

2)“Oh, believe me honey, I can. And I am. My wolf wants to taste you. I’m going to eat your incredibly juicy pussy until you explode and then I’m going to lick you clean.”

3)“Not even when you tell me to, baby. I won’t stop. I’ll rub that sweet little nub with my thumb until you explode all over my hand. Then I’ll eat up all that sweet nectar and start all over again using my tongue. I won’t stop until I make you come again and again.”

4)“I need you, Rose. More than I need the air I breathe. I need to feel you under me, over me, any damn way I can take you. I need to hear those little noises you make when my cock stretches you, fills you, and you can’t stand it anymore and come all over me. I need to kiss you, taste you, lick the cream from your body, smell how much you want me.” 

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                       McQuade:the lone wolf takes a mate

Τρίτη, 17 Ιουνίου 2014

The beast loves curves (bbw romance) by J.S. Scott

After being cruelly and brutally dumped by her boyfriend for being overweight, computer programmer Abbie Wright has sworn off of men. The relationship had left her raw and wounded, crushing her already fragile self esteem. The last thing she needs is to work a special project for millionaire client, Ian Campbell. His previous employees call him “the beast” because of his difficult personality and the trials that his employees have to deal with in having him for a boss. Just what Abbie needs…having her spirit crushed by an ogre of a client. It was an assignment she couldn’t turn down…but she dreaded it. Abbie doesn’t know that she is in for a pleasant surprise when Ian turns out to be one of the finest men she has ever known. He nudges his way into her heart, but Abbie has a past and she knows a man like Ian would never want a plus sized woman like her. If she lets him get too close…he will destroy her completely.

Ian Campbell was still recovering from a near fatal racing accident that had left him scarred and almost taken his life. Determined to open a new charity foundation, he wants the best website for his foundation and
he’s seen Abbie Wright’s work. He wants her for his project. After he meets her in person and gets to know her intelligent, smart, sweet and witty personality, he wants her for much more than his project. He lusts for her full figured body and is addicted to her company. The problem is… Abbie won’t give him a chance. She spurns his advances and has no interest in taking their budding friendship any further, but Ian has fallen
and he has fallen hard. He’s not sure if he can stand to let Abbie go.

As Ian and Abbie struggle through their misunderstandings and  insecurities, they will find out if two broken people can end up being a perfect match.

                                                                       My opinion:
Sweet romantic stroy about two people with insecurities.

Ian Cambell, a young businessman, wanted Abbie to work for him. She was terrified because people had nicknamed him the beast. He was difficult to work with. Her boyfriend had recently left her because she was as he said fat, so she had a low self esteem since she believed him and every other person who had the same opinion. Ian was nothing like she imagined him to be, he was the complete opposite. He fell hard for her but her insecurities didn't let her to see that and she was hurting him. Her friend Sandy opened her eyes, so Abbie and Ian found their true love in the end.

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the beast loves curves

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Decker's Wood by Kirsty Dallas

Decker Steele had it made...Penthouse apartment, VIP parties, girls on tap. You see, Decker Steele is the Pornography Associations award winning, money making machine. But what does a self-confessed, pussy pounding warrior do when his prized package begins to fail? Freak the 'F' out, that's what! 

Andi Jennings is the socially inept, geeky and awkward cousin of Decker's best friend. Only she's not so geeky and awkward anymore. Now she's a smokin' hot country bumpkin, with a smokey voice made for phone sex, and a pair of hot as hell cowboy boots. Everyone adores her, my porn star buddies, my mom and dad, my 'equipment'. 

So, the prized package isn't so failing anymore, the catch is, it will only perform for Andi...My friend WITHOUT benefits. 

What will the prince of porn do? The girl or the career? 

                                           My opinion:
Decker was a pornstar for many years, now he was done with sex. According to a doctor he had become conditioned to unemotional sex and his body started to reject it, which meant he couldn't get it up without pills. He didn't know what to do now and was always moody. His best friends cousin,Andi,was coming to live and work in New York, he remembered her as a young awkward girl.But now he met a whole different girl, Andi now was a beautiful woman. Andi liked him alot but his confidence was pissing her off. After a few days Decker realised that his dick was responding only to Andi. When he saw
her,thought of her or touched her his dick was hard as steele. Dereck had to stay away from her because she was his friends cousin and she had to stay away from him because he was a heartbreaker. He wanted her and even though was afraid to start a real relationship Dereck was going to try for her. They were having such a good time together in and out of bed.Too bad that Dereck screwed up, nothing stays hidden forever. Decker was determined to earn her back.

The most amazing romantic and funny story i have read. There are some hot lines and some very funny. The characters in this book are all different, funny, innocent, crude, sexy. Both Andi and Decker had changed over the years they became better (although Decker took him some more time and the presence of Andi in his life). I loved Andi and her texan accent it was so cute. What can i say for Decker, the man was sex on legs but also funny as hell.

My favourite lines:
1)Any guy will tell you, a problem with the junk is as
good as the end of the world! 

2)“It’s adoring the way you assume I would want to tangle with you, Decker. As it turns out, I don’t,
you’re not my type.”
   Decker shook his head in amusement. “Unless you’re gay, I’m your type.”

3)Holy shit, Decker Steele was hard as steel

4)He was huge, like a heavy, hot piece of wood shoved right up against my
pinky pie! 

5)“It’s a normal male response. Pussy gets close, dick gets hard.
It’s how we keep you women happy and satisfied.”

6)“Every girl needs a friend who will laugh at her and with her, the fact he could also give her
orgasms is a bonus,” 

7)Cheese and rice, the man was a walking orgasm. 

8), “For some reason, Country, the whole time I was looking at that beautiful, semi-naked woman, all this not-ready-
to-settle-down unmanly man could think about was your cute, white, cotton-tails.”

9)    I pushed myself up on my elbows and took him in, tall and wide, sex on a very lickable stick. 

10)“Country, unless you want me sinking my cock into your sweet
little pussy, I suggest you cover up a little. You are too damn tempting to be lying there like that.”

11)I groaned. “You’re scared of spiders, too?”
    “What’s not to be scared of? They have eight legs! Who the hell needs eight legs? That’s not right,
it’s abnormal.”

12)“Baby girl, Decker has one beautiful, long, King Kong dong!” 

13)“PUSSY IS NOT A BREAKFAST MEAL!” Lionel cried with exasperation.
    Decker chuckled as he sat lazily back into the couch behind me. “Not for you maybe,” he purred,
“but I love nothing more than sweet, wet pussy for breakfast.”

14)   “Pathetic,” he whispered, and I immediately tensed. Decker kissed my neck. “I’m sure I can make
you scream louder than that. If Casey and Lionel aren’t over here first thing tomorrow with shit eating
grins on their faces, I’ll be really pissed off.”

15)Oh god, his neanderthal-esk

declaration had me practically screaming for him to take me now.

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                              Descker's Wood

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The curve ball (BBW Romance) by J.S. Scott

When Maggie Jones lets her best friend talk her into attending the annual charity mystery single's ball to help her friend out of a jam, she never imagined she would end up paired with the most handsome, eligible man at the ball. Unfortunately, he was also the man that she had secretly adored for over a year. What chance did an overweight pastry chef have with a hunk like Jake Rawlins? 

Jake Rawlins wants Maggie Jones, but he can't get her to take his advances seriously. He's been hinting around for a year. Now he's ready to take drastic measures to get Maggie to notice him. 

Will Maggie realize that her Prince Charming has finally arrived at the ball, or will she miss out on having a man who truly wants her exactly the way she is just because of her insecurities? 


                                                    My opinion:
Maggie and Lisa are best friends. Lisa needed a favor and Maggie refused to help her in the beggining but Lisa conviced her to do it.So now she had to go to a mystery ball which she didn't like at all. Maggie had a crash on Jake, a businessman who was coming every day to her little shop and flirted with her. Jake wanted her too but he was always turned down by her because she obviously thought that he was joking with her. Jake was Maggie's date on the mystery ball. It was the  best date she ever had and after that a night full of surprises...

A romantic short story about a plus sized woman with insecurities and a hot guy who lusted after her.

My favourite lines:
1)“Oh God, Maggie. Marry me.”
    Yes. Yes. Yes.

2)He left her shop every day with a hard cock and a determination to get over her. 

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                                  the curve ball