Devil in a Suit ( book 1,2 and 3) by Ivy Carter

He was never supposed to see it. 

The email I wrote my friend. 

The one where I called him cruel, cold, demanding. Oh, yeah, and sexy as hell. 

But instead of sending it to my friend, I sent it to him. 

My boss. 

Jared King, billionaire head of King Advertising. The man everyone calls The King because he’s so controlling, gorgeous, and full of himself. 

I answer his phones, and he barely looks at me, except for one word -- “Messages?”-- as he holds his hand out, his Rolex glinting under the light as he demands what’s his. 

The employees all whisper about how bad they want him, and his face is on a different magazine each week, always with a different socialite or actress on his arm. 

I’m sure he’ll fire me when he reads the email I accidentally sent him. Jared King is not known for his forgiving nature. In fact, it’s just the opposite. 

But to my surprise, he gives me one more chance. The only catch? I have to do everything he says. 

Soon his tasks are becoming less work-related and more… sex-related. He’s making me take pictures of myself in lingerie, asking me to accompany him to fancy restaurants, making me get down on my knees and… 

He knows how to play my body and mind, how to keep me wanting and begging for more of him. But soon I’m starting to worry that my second chance is turning into my worst nightmare. 

Because the only thing more torturous than being Jared King’s assistant? Is falling in love with him… 

                                                      My opinion:
Book 1
Quinn was working at the King Advertising. Every woman there was fantasizing about King. The few days that she was covering for his assistant she realised that except from sexy and attractive was also a jerk. One day when there was a problem at work he made her feel terrible, so she decided to write an email to her best friend to vent about him. The problem was that she sent the mail to her boss, Jared King. A few minutes later she went to apologise hoping she could keep her job, she certainly wasn't expecting what was about to happen to her. He was giving her difficult tasks so she could fail but that only made her more determined to succeed. Later that night came the big revelation to Quinn, the big bad Jared wanted to fuck her. Can the 22-year-old virgin handle the King?

Book 2
After what happened Quinn was confused and angry. The next day she thought that he would apologise and explain but she was wrong. Only when she had the nerve to confront  him she got a few answers that merely satisfied her. She was happy that he still wanted her and she also got a promotion at work which was very good for her career. After two weeks of him ignoring her, she was fed up with his attitude she yelled at him, which later led him to grant her wishes. This time, she got to sleep with him but again it wasn't what she was expecting.

Book 3
After so many disappointments from Jared Quinn decided to focus on her job. She had enough of his games and she let him know. That was what finally broke him and made him realise what he was going to miss. After many days he finally made things right with her. He asked her to be with him and he tried very hard to prove himself. After so much heartache they were living happily together.

A simple storyline with a few sexy  and a lot of frustrating moments. Many secrets that being revealed in the third book. Short stories but straight to the point. Jared is mysterious, attractive, cold and very successful. Quinn is a smart girl, hard worker, timid and stubborn. 

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