My Russian Beast: Standalone Billionaire Romance by Marian Tee

Professionally accomplished but socially awkward, Fredericka Spears can’t ask for anything else in her life except for one thing – to know the pleasure of a man’s possession. The truth is, she’s tired of being a virgin. She’s tired of pleasuring herself while fantasizing about a man she can never have. 

A man who’s beautiful, powerful, and well six years younger---

Like she says: he’s a man she can’t ever have. 

To put an end to her agony and stupid fantasies, Fredericka decides to take a lover, but guess who volunteers for the job? 

The beautiful, powerful, and younger Russian billionaire Sergei Grachyov – also known as that man she can’t ever have. 

                                                                 My opinion:
Sergei was on a date with his current female companion. Everything was ok until his eye caught a woman, Fredericka Spears,  who was failing at flirting with his professor. She had an accident and before he realised it he was there to help. Then something very strange happened and he ended up taking her home. Of course, it didn't end there, he managed to get invited to her house with the intention to fuck her. He sampled some of her goods but only for that night, she couldn't fall for a younger guy. They became friends. None of them really wanted this but they had no other choice thanks to Fredericka's stubbornness. She decided to accept a job offer in Florida, thinking that they would eventually drift apart but she was wrong once again. They came so much closer over the last couple years, he never stopped wanting her as a woman and he proved it when the right time came. For Fredericka, it was hard to trust Sergei because of her parent's history. Luckily for her,it was getting easier because he was proving his words with actions. In the end, her dream came true since she finally had the family she wanted since she was young.

 I loved it, it didn't have as much drama as Vassi's and Seri's story. It's so much fun and so damn sweet, two very different people whose attraction was off the charts. They got attached to each other from the very first moment, managed to put their physical needs aside so they won't lose each other's company. Fredericka was one of the best lawyers, an independent woman but in her personal life, she was very insecure. Sergei was a true alpha bossy male. He knew what he wanted and he was determined to get it even if he had to wait. Something that I really liked was that in one moment they were strangers and in the next moment, it was like they found their soulmate. The whole story is amazing, it doesn't have many love scenes but the ones that have are hot!!!

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                                       My Russian Beast

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