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Endangered by Desire by Steffie Scott is LIVE!
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A man will do just about anything for love—even kill. Four men down. One to go. I’ve been on the trail of the last man who made life a living hell for my lover and I’m about to take him down. And I mean permanently. But first, I want one last reminder of what I’m fighting for. I need to see my woman and my son before I goes up against my toughest foe. And probably to my death. He’s the lover I never thought I’d have. William is the father of the son I never expected to have. The man who gave me a love I never expected to feel, and a passion I can’t—won’t—live without. I’ll do whatever it takes to be sure he returns to me—even it means tying him to my very soul. DREAMING OF DESIRE is the sixth book in the Fated Desires series. It's a sexy, paranormal romance with a happily-ever-after and no cliffhanger. Adults only!  
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About the Author: Steffie loves penning stories about hot and delicious men. Her stories are hot, sweet, sexy and contain a whole lot of magic. Connect with Steffie Facebook - Amazon -

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