Review: Payback's A Bitch (Awkward Love #6) by Missy Johnson

I’m the girl who likes ‘the cock in the back hole.’

At least, that’s what the dating profile my so-called friends set up for me claims. I’m also into BDSM, Furries and ‘I’ll try anything twice.’

I have no idea the profile exists until the replies start rolling in. They range from funny, to downright creepy and everything in between. Just as I’m shutting down my email account for good, a new message pops up.

He’s funny and he's the only one to suspect the profile is a joke, so I think what the hell? I reply.

When he suggests that we meet, I say yes. When I walk into that bar, he's sitting at a table, facing the other way. He turns his head just enough for me to be able to make out his face…


It’s Cameron Hunter, one of the rudest, most arrogant assholes I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. He's also the son of one of the state's most influential judges.

The same judge who's about to become my step-father...

                                                                       My opinion:
Darcy's birthday was on April fool's day, every year her friends were pulling pranks on her. As she grew older she started pranking them as well, as a payback. Darcy lately was living with her mom Paula, her new fiance Jim and his younger kid Mack. So it was really awkward for her when her friends' prank begun and everyone was around to witness it. Soon her other soon to be stepbrother, Cameron, found out about it and decided to mess with her. They interacted through messages for a while and she started liking him a lot. So when she found out the truth she was hurt but after a while, she plotted her revenge. Everything was going according to her plan until she got a taste of him and realized that she was falling for him. In the end, Darcy made the first step by admitting the truth and Cameron shocked her with his big surprise.  

It's a hilarious romantic and emotional (at times) story. It has a nice plot, funny punchlines, far-fetched pranks and crazy characters. It's mostly focused on the pranks and the growing relationship between the two main characters. It's very enjoyable and entertaining. I loved the ending scene. I liked this book a lot and I will rate it with 4 stars. 

You can buy it from Amazon:
Payback's A Bitch

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