Review:Secret Romeo (The House of Morgan Book 9) by Victoria Pinder

First kiss. First love. Father of her children. And he can’t remember her.
Pilar Soliz goes to Grand Bohemia with her children to celebrate her daughter’s Christmas wedding to Luke Morgan. She is busy as always helping all the Morgans, but she wasn’t prepared for the resurrection of her presumed dead husband to walk across the lobby and back into her life.
Santiago Matias decided to book a Christmas vacation to get his 20 year old daughter, Valentina, away from Italy and more specifically Anthony Morgan. He wants to convince her that the Morgans are bad people and she needs to focus on college when the woman of his dreams walks past him.
Santiago doesn’t remember anything in his life before waking up in an Italian hospital more than 25 years ago. But when Pilar says he’s her presumed dead husband Samuel, he’s unsure if he can be the man she’s been waiting to return. He has no memories of being Samuel, but the longer time he spends with Pilar, the more he wants to be the man she hopes he is and a second chance at Christmas - with Pilar.

                                                          My opinion:
                 I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review
Many years ago Pilar Soliz's husband had disappeared, since then she raised her children alone. Twenty-five years later on Christmas Eve her daughter Caro was going to marry her fiance Luke. At the pre-wedding dinner, Pilar saw a man that looked exactly like her husband. She believed she was seeing a ghost since everyone believed he was dead. At the same hotel, Santiago Matis was trying to talk some sense to his daughter Valentina. While they were talking he too noticed Pilar as well, unfortunately, he didn't know who she actually was. Valentina convinced him to go talk to her. They decided to take a DNA test so they could be sure about his true identity. The news shocked him because he didn't remember anything about his past. Pilar never stopped loving Samuel and since he had strong emotions towards her they decided to give another chance to their wedding. 

To me, this is the most romantic story of the whole series. It's solely focused on the romance between the two main characters. The plot is very nice and sweet, the reunion of the most loving family. It doesn't have any threats but has some emotional and hurtful scenes. I loved the characters as well, especially Pilar, she's an angel. We also get to meet another Morgan too. I liked this book a lot and I will rate it with 5 stars.

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