Review: Boycotts & Barflies by Victoria Michaels

Description:After an endless string of bad dates and a generally pathetic love life, Grace Park and her friends decide to boycott men for six weeks. With a fantastic pair of shoes on the line for the woman who makes it to the end without breaking any rules, the competition gets fierce. Sparks fly a few days into the bet when Grace and her friends cross paths with a sexy bartender named Michael Andris who happens to have a little bet of his own going with his friends....

In this hilarious debut novel, Victoria Michaels brings us a colorful and relatable cast of characters. She sends them on a sweet and sexy escapade as they sidestep one booby trap after another, manage the best of misguided intentions, and exert a whole lot of willpower and self control as they race down the path to true love.

Winning isn't everything...or is it?

My opinion: It was a very romantic and funny as hell story, i loved every minute of it. I laughed until i cried... seriously. The characters are simply amazing. If you're looking for a romantic funny and sexy story then this is definately your book.Enjoy!!! 

My favourite line of the book:
 “Fine, I’ll go. But if some stupid football fan spills beer or nachos on me, I’m so
 gonna smack the hell out of them.”

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