Review: Knight and Day by Kitty French

Lucien and Sophie are back, and have set up camp on the sun-drenched isle of Ibiza for the opening of the latest of Lucien's strictly adult clubs.

They're joined for the summer by Sophie's best friend Kara, and Dylan Day, Lucien's newly appointed club manager.

The laid back, smokin' hot surf guy from California seems almost too good to be true... but there's no smoke without fire.

                                                     My opinion:
There's a beautiful wedding!!!
In this book we see Sophie and Lucien after five years, their love growing and so does their family.
We get to see more of Kara and meet Dylan Day.Kara is a what you see is what you get woman,very funny and real.Also she tried to forget a specific part of her past.
Dylan is a sexy man with a haunted past,who wants to escape.
Their first meet was full of fireworks and so does their relationship. Kara and Dylan found solace in each other's arms. There are many surprises in this book.

Lot's of sex in weird but romantic places. From quick hot sex to pure love making....

My favourite lines:
1)“Hey, Danny Zuko! You forgot your jacket!”
2)“I can put a shirt on, if you like,” he murmured silkily as she stepped past aboard. “I’d hate you to
be overcome by the urge to rip my shorts off.”
3)he wanted to screw her until she forgot her own name.
4)Did he feel it too, that this was the fuck of a lifetime? 
5)“If I fucked you right now, would you be slippery there too?” 

6). Lie to me and I’ll cut your cock off and pickle it.

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