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Review: By private invitation by Stephanie Julian

Antiques dealer Annabelle Elder's life is nowhere near as passionate as the erotic art she collects. Intending to explore her desires at a decadent New Year's Eve party, she finds unexpected passion in the arms of Jared Golden... 

Handsome, rich and charming, Jared has created an anything-goes pleasure palace at the Haven Hotel, catering to every special wish. Seducing Annabelle was easy, yet being seduced in turn was unanticipated... 

But in exploring their sensual fantasies, Jared and Annabelle are caught in a web of painful secrets and troubled pasts. And to face the truth they must trust in the power of true love...

                                                    My opinion:
Anabelle, after she found out that her boyfriend cheated on her, decided that she needed to change. Stop being her boring old self  anymore she wanted to have fun. So she bought two tickets for a New Year's Masquerade ball.She was ready to explore her desires.There she met Jared, a sworn bachelor.But she intrigued him.They danced,he showed her the beautiful garden of the hotel and had a very hot moment. Then he took her to the after party where she had so much fun.She experienced everything she's ever wanted.The next morning she heard Jared talking with his brother misunderstood everything and left.But Jared was determined to find her.He eventually found her,they had sex he made her a proposition she couldn't deny and then they had lot's of sex...They start falling in love but neither of them was brave enough to admit it. Belle had a secret, could this stay hidden for ever? Will they be together at the end?

My favourite lines:
1)“Ride me, Belle. Slow and easy. Make me beg for it.”
2)“You have the most beautiful ass, Belle. I’ve been dying to smack it all night.”
3)Well, that was pretty obvious, wasn’t it? She hadn’t been thinking. Or she never would have let him
fuck her senseless.
4)   Annabelle had fallen asleep right away, which made him want to beat his chest like a caveman.
He’d fucked her so good, she’d passed out.

5)“Will you let me fuck you on this bed? Clothes on, fast and hard, down and dirty.”

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