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Review: Changing his game by Justine Elvira

These are the kind of movies I've never planned to watch. It was a taboo topic where I grew up. As a kid I had only heard of it in passing. In middle school my parents would talk about my creepy uncle Frank and how he should look for a job instead of watching "those movies" all day. In High School boys thought it was funny to ask my friends and me to star in the amateur adult films they were making. In college most of my guy friends watched them, but I never had. When I moved to California that changed. 

After surprising my fiancé at home and catching him screwing another woman, I hopped in my car and started driving. I was running away from my old life and I needed a change. I remembered my friend Tawny inviting me to visit her in Los Angeles, so that's where I went. 

I didn’t find Tawny when I got there, but I did find her gorgeous roommate, Jared. Our friendship started out rough, but he gave me a place to stay and helped me get back on my feet. He became my best friend. My best friend who millions of women happened to lust over. 

Jared plays by a different set of rules, where anything goes. His lifestyle is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed before and it scares me. When you live your life on the edge, eventually you'll fall over. I didn't want to see that happen to him. 

At night he’s just Jared, my Jared, and I’ll deny it to anyone who asks, but I’m completely in love with him. During the day he’s Brandon Boner, and the world is in love with him. 

Oh yeah, did I mention he’s a porn star?

My opinion:
[I loved it, i finished reading it in one day...]
Such a sexy and romantic story!!!
Autumn had a plan for her life, graduate from university, marry her high school boyfriend and create a family in her small
town. But in one moment everything changed. She got in her car and drive to california to find her best friend.After a 
misunderstanding that almost had her playing in a porn movie, she start looking for a job.She eventually found a job as
Jared's assistant.They start getting to know each other slowly. They developed feelings for each other and they tried to
 handle them,failing completely.When they revealed their feelings and became a couple it was the best thing they could ever do.
The scenes between autumn are so freaking hot!!!
There were times that i really wanted to punch Jared for being such an ass...
Jared is sweet,lovable,caring.
Autumn is nice, sweet,innocent.

My favourite lines:
1)"I want to get down on my knees and lick every drop of sweat off you
stomach. Then I want to unfasten your pants and taste the metal of your piercing. I want to suck it and
see how far I can get it down my throat."
2)I'm too turned on to even be concerned about what he wants to do to me. He can fuck my tits and
pussy, he won't be getting anywhere near my ass
3) "I knew it. I knew you came watching me. Were you imagining me inside you?"
  "Were you picturing me thrusting deep inside you, filling you completely with my dick?"
   "Mm," I moan.
4)"Yes, I can, because it's what's expected of me. When you say it, all I can think of is you
underneath me, and me fucking you until you're screaming my name so loud the neighbors can hear."
      "But your nearest neighbor lives half a mile down the street."
5)For His Pleasure Only

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