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Review: Full count by C A Williams

Paige Brinton felt an itch to leave Florida after graduating high school, so she headed off to college. Her roommate is the complete opposite of what she hoped for. And suddenly guys are paying attention to her, now that her protective best friend,Jake, isn't around. She jumps head first into a relationship, but not with the guy she feels pulled to like a magnet. Dylan Turner doesn't seem like first boyfriend material, but there's just something about him she can't resist, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

                                                My opinion:
The story starts with Paige going to college in south Carolina where she makes new friends and meets a smartass/sexy boy named Dylan.She liked him but she heard that he was a big player. He liked her but she now had a boyfriend so he tried to stay away. They starting getting to know each other since they had a class together and they both worked at the  library. But at one point their desire won and they ended up sleeping together.When her best friend Jake visited her he told her that he had feelings for her and that he wanted to be together. So Paige ended up being in some sort of love
triangle.She chose Dylan and they spend together many great months until he did something very stupid and ruined everything.She went back home and stop talking to almost everyone.She didn't want to see him again but she had kept a secret from him, will he ever found out about it?

Such a romantic story, a tomboy girl from florida meets a sexy playboy who's turned to be a romantic boy because of his love for her. Those two had such a chemistry and the end was so perfect!!!

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