Review: Serious Ink by Ranae Rose

Hard times mean hard choices, but falling for Noah Wilder is easy. Beneath his suit and tie, he's seriously inked and seriously irresistible. When he walks into the Hot Ink Tattoo Studio, the attraction between him and studio receptionist Zoe is mutual - and fierce. And after the opportunity to ditch her demeaning second job to work for him instead arises, suddenly he's her boss ... and much more. With lines blurred in every way imaginable, can she balance passion and professionalism with doing what's best for her struggling family?

Attraction is a powerful thing. So is former fighter Noah's drive to make his growing mixed martial arts promotion company succeed, and if business happens to coincide with pleasure, so much the better. Tattooed beauty Zoe Ramsey is all his when she's not working at Hot Ink - for twenty hours a week, anyway. When circumstances bring them close faster than they ever imagined, can he make her see that he's just as serious about her as he is about the business he's poured his heart and soul into?

                        My opinion:
This is the story of Zoe a receptionist at Hot Ink and Noah Wilder a customer. They first met when Noah went to get a tattoo at Hot Ink he was immediately drawn to her and invited her to dinner. They had a nice conversation and
he offered her a job at his company which she accepted.She loved working there and they still continue dating.When Zoe had to move out from her apartment he offered her to stay with him.After an incident at work Zoe knew that she couldn't live with Noah anymore.But he convinced her to continue dating and he also told her that he loved her.
I loved that he was trying to find the food that she was allowed to eat and that he didn't eat anything she couldn't in fron of her, it was so sweet of him.
Zoe is such a sweet girl and she cares so much about her family and friends. She would do anything for them.

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