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Review: Knight's Sinner ( The MC Sinners) by Bella Jewel

Jackson is always considered the 'softie'. He's the first to help people out when they're in need. He's President of the Hell's Knights and he figures it's about time he shows the world how much of a sinner he can be. 
Serenity has a dark past. Secrets haunt her and she has no way of escaping them. Hogan is the only family she knows and life with him is brutal. And it's about to get worse. 
He sends her on a mission. 
On a mission to destroy the Hell's Knights and the Heaven's Sinners. 
Can she pretend with a club she doesn't know? 
Or will she betray Hogan for the man she's falling in love with? 

                                       My opinion:
This is the story of Jackson, Hell's Knights President and Serenity's, a girl who lived in hell. Her father is a monster, he gave her an order that she must follow, she has to gather information so he can take his revenge. But the bikers there are so good and kind to her, much different from the world she grew up.She's in a big dillema. Serenity starts having feelings for Jackson and she feels guilt about it.It's the first time in her whole life that she is so happy.Jackson wants her, he knows he shouldn't because she's too young but his body doesn't agree with his mind.Now she knows what she has to 
do even if it's going to destroy her relationship with Jackson, he has to know the truth.Jackson is crashed by her betrayal, but they put her as bait to reach her father, the plan doesn't go well Hogan is smarter...

Jackson is so sweet and caring biker. Serenity met people who cared for her from the first moment they met her, she was able to leave the fear behind her. There's alot of sex and kinky sex. We get to see Allison, Cade, Spike and Ciara. Addison is my favourite character by far, she is amazing. This book in addition with the other two is written in the present. 

   My favourite lines:
1)“Don’t let him hear you say that, his ego will burst and he’ll throw you over his shoulder like a caveman, and dominate you like a boss!”

2)“Oh get your head out of your ass! There’s so much sexual tension in the air, I should just orgasm standing here.”

3)“Don’t have a condom, which means I can’t fuck you here, but I can make you scream my name. And baby, you’re gonna scream it.”

4)Jackson suddenly scrunches his nose up, and turns to baby Danny. “Little man, what does your momma feed you?”
  Spike groans, and lifts the little boy into the air. “Ciara, woman, he needs you.”
 Ciara ducks down behind us.
 “I can see you Tom Cat!” he bellows.
  She giggles. “He’s your child too,” she yells from behind us.
  “Aw, come on! I want to eat sometime soon!”
  “Close your eyes, you’ll be fine!”

You can buy it on Amazon:
                      Knight's Sinner

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