Review: Master for tonight by Elaine Barris

 While feeding in the slums of the city, he is interrupted by a woman. Mesmerized, he extracts his fangs from his meal and follows her home. Instantly obsessed, he watches her nightly. Nights turn to months. His desire for her becomes overwhelming. Though fearing the wrath of a vicious Maker who turned him against his will, Julian decides to give Kate the most sensual night of her life, and then walk away.

Kate Collins is an average woman in her late-30’s, plagued by panic attacks. Sent home by her boss at the shelter, she prepares to have a night of relaxation…until her doorbell rings.

Julian Montfort is the most beautiful and masculine man she has ever seen. He exudes ‘maleness’ from his entire body—that certain quality some men have in their DNA that makes a woman recognize her femininity…her ‘womanness.’ That part of her that is soft, malleable, and made to accept him. Drawn to him despite his unconventional arrival, Kate must answer his question: “Can you allow yourself this indulgence? It’s just one night.”

                                                             My opinion:
  Julian wanted Kate from the moment he first saw her.He was watching her closely.Kate suffered from panic attacks and her boss advised her to take some time for herself.One night Julian appeared in her doorstep and told her that he was her Master for tonight.She was afraid and aroused at the same time but still she did as he told her to.After so many months who had spent watching her he really cared for her and wanted to hurt those who have hurt her in the past. Julian knew that he
only had to have one night with Kate because of his crazy Maker.Kate was very confused of her reactions towards him.After the night they spent together he told her as much truth as he could and promised her to be together forever.His psycho Maker found out everything and made him to erase her memory.But certain things was bringing back a few moments of that night. Julian put his good friend to guard her.His Maker found her and almost killed her.Julian was miserable because he could do nothing to help her.He was determined to do two things: 1- kill his psychotic Maker and 2- earn Kate's love.

The story continues...
The most detailed description i have ever read and not only in the sex scenes but the whole story, from the way they move to the way they eat and speak.There were moments that i was like this is creepy, then aww so romantic and God that's discusting. The story doesn't give many information about the main characters, only some specific events of their life. Nevertheless it's a very interesting book, i would like it more if i didn't have to wait till the next installment.

My favourite lines:
1)your pussy will weep as much as your eyes, as you beg me to take you.

2)I know how to please a woman to the point her voice is hoarse from her screams of desire, her bed linens are soaked with her juices and her legs are quivering for hours after i'm done.

3)Can you allow yourself this indulgence?

4)After all the mind-blowing orgasms i've given you, graciously and unselfishly, i might add, the thanks i get is a hurtful poke in the ribs, woman?

5)I'm not asking how you're going to keep her busy, and for the love of everything holy, please don't tell me.

6)Okay. Let it all out.Don't mind the blood tricking out my ears, listening to all this.

7)You know i have no filter when i drink. You poured. This is what you get.

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