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Belonging to them (Daly Way #1) by Brynn Paulin

On the run from her past, Rayna Halliday is devastated when her old car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. She soon finds that her ex has managed to block her credit cards, her accounts and even her cell phones in an attempt to exert his control over her. Giving in to him is something she refuses to do.

When the owners of O’Keefe’s Gas and Repair come to her rescue, they make her an offer that tantalizes the forbidden desires within her—she can find a way to pay for the car repairs or she can belong to them for two weeks and they’ll see to her repairs for free. At the sexual mercy of four gorgeous men for two weeks… Why not? She can have fun and get things straightened out, all at once. But there are two problems heading her way: an ex on a rampage and her heart that’s in for more than just fun.

                                                                My opinion:
Rayna's car broke down while she was in a small town. Fortunately she was close to a gas station and two men came to help her.The bill of her car was huge and even though she had access to  money she couldn't risk getting caught by her ex fiance. Later she realised that she had no access to that money and no phone.She couldn't pay for her car right now and she needed a place to stay so the men made her an offer: she would belong to them for a week and they could repair her car for free. After some thought she accepted the offer.All the O'Keefes would be sleeping with her except one. Jamie was the one that
excited her the most. He gave in to her, but he was still afraid that she would eventually reject him because he wasn't  the man he used to be.They were falling for each other fast, and now her ex-fiance was coming for her. She knew that he would find her there, she had to go but she couldn't leave the man she loved either.

A nice short story about love. Rayna and Jamie felt fast and hard for each other, she didn't care how he looked like only that he was nice, kind and could made her scream ;) He felt lucky that he found a woman like her who accepted him and his kink.

My favourite lines:
1)“They’re all gonna have wet dreams about you tonight, sweetheart. But not me ‘cause I’m gonna
have you wet and moaning on my cock.”

2)“Her mouth is Jamie’s,” she heard Patrick say. “The rest of her is ours for the taking.”
She lifted her mouth from Jamie’s then glanced over her shoulder at Patrick. She raised an
eyebrow. “The rest of her is hers,” she corrected. “You may borrow it.”

3)Daly, the Mecca of Men

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                                            Belonging to them

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