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Renegade Reject (Renegade Sons MC #2) by Emily Minton and Dawn Martens

Daisy “Little Flower” Anderson has lived her entire life on the sidelines of the Renegade Sons MC. Her father is a member, and her mother a club whore turned old lady. Not wanting to follow their footsteps, she chose a different path; one that keeps her close to the biker family she loves, but out of the club. 
Struggling to keep it together, she never thought she would have anything of her own, until she met Preach. He is everything she swore she didn't want in life. One night of passion leads to unexpected consequences, and she knows, now more than ever, it’s time to move forward. 
Garrett “Preach” Austin lived his life caught in his father’s iron fist. He never thought he would want anything more than freedom from his past, until he met his “Little Flower”. She shows him there is more to life than pain. 
Preach has a secret; one that forces him to choose between Daisy and his brothers. Even though he loves Daisy, the Renegade Sons are the only true family he has. He knows he can’t have her, yet he can’t let her go. 
When Daisy moves on, Preach realizes what he’s lost. Can he prove that he’s the man for her, or is he too late? 

                                        My opinion:
This is the second book of the Renegade Sons MC series.
The prologue describes abit of Garrett's story and how he met Kidd.A cop is after the Renegade Sons so they must be very careful.A club member wasn't able to get his daughter from work so he sent two of his brothers, that's how Preach aka Garrett met Daisy.With days passing he was falling for her even more. He claimed her but he fucked up big time. When she found out about it she left to take care of her father.After three years she's back. They still love each other but he hurt her really bad. Preach fucked up for the second time. And after that he fucked up many times but in the end he was ready to make everything right for the woman he loves.He finally did it, Preach made Daisy a very happy old lady.

Good storyline, lot's of drama,sex and regrets.This books takes place the same time with the first one but this is mostly the story of Daisy and Preach.
Daisy is a strong woman who had a terrible life because of her stupid mother. Preach was having a hard time acting right towards Daisy mostly because he was an idiot and because of his past.

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