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Burned by Tara Sivec


                                              My opinion:
After seventeen years of Feinnly being with her husband,Jordan, they are divorcing. She loved him alot but she couldn't be  with him anymore. Jordan was a bad boy and in the beggining of their relationship Feinnly thought that she could fix him. Over the years she caught him telling her lies and every time he promised her he won't do it again, false promises. A month after their break up she saw her first boyfriend in a bar. She never forgotten him and he didn't either. They kissed and she felt guilty about it but she loved every second of it. They both wanted more of each other and they had it. In addition with her ex husband Collin knew how to give her pleasure. After an amazing sex session Jordan came home, things got worst. Finnley felt aweful that she told Collin to leave, she thought that he hated her for that. She was kinda right because he was very angry with her.Phina told her what to do so she can have a chance to talk to Collin. They talked and everything were great between them. Collin and Finley started to getting to know each other again, they were happy. That is until the day someone put a fire in her house while she was inside. He came for her, he saved her life. After seventeen years finnley had a happy life with a man who loved her as much as she loved him.

Simply amazing. It's intense, sexy,romantic. The story is being told by both Finnley and Collin. It has lots of sex, dirty talk, arguments and a crazy ex-husband. 
From the first time they met you could see that they were born to be together, even if he did the teenage mistake to dump her. After so many years apart and the fire that was burning inside of them it was as strong as it used to be. The weird attraction that they both had towards fire brought them together and fire almost killed both of them.

My favourite lines:
1)The thing about time is, it moves achingly slow when you’re doing something you hate and it flies faster than the speed of light when you’re doing something you love. Time is a fickle bitch.

2)“It’s never too late to live your dreams. You just have to want them enough to make them come true.”

3)“I wanted your heart to blister with the pain of losing her.”

4)“Fire brought us together seventeen years ago and fire almost ripped us apart seventeen
years later. It left behind a few burns and some scars that will never completely heal, but it
didn’t destroy us. Nothing can destroy us, Finnley. It’s been seventeen weeks since I almost
lost you. I can handle anything that life throws at me, but I can’t handle even a day without
you by my side.”

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