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Friends with Benefits ( The Boulevard #2) by Lena Matthews and Maggie Casper

 For Bailey Edwards, deciding on a no-strings-attached affair was the easy part. Getting her male best friend to agree was a different matter. Tired of men who want her only for her looks, Bailey has given up on romantic relationships that lead nowhere. An affair with Sebastian could be the perfect solution — hot explosive sex with no commitment. What more could a girl ask for?Sebastian Emerzian isn't sure what to think when his female best friend propositions him. He's already resigned himself to a friends-only relationship with Bailey despite his long-held desires for more. Sebastian is more than willing to turn up the heat as long as the headstrong beauty understands he'll be defining the terms of their new relationship.While Bailey may be looking for a "friend with benefits" type of relationship, she'll learn the hard way that if she wants to play, she'll have to do things his way. And Sebastian doesn't play nice for anyone.Readers Advisory: While this is a stand-alone novel, we recommend reading Maverick's Black Cat first.

                                                                  My opinion:
 Bailey had quitted from her previous job because she didn't want her coworkers  to think she had special privileges, the problem was that she hated her new job and her new coworkers. Bailey was envy (in a good way) her best friend's life, she had found her true love and Bailey was still straggling through bad dates. So Bailey had an idea to have sex with her male best friend. She had a plan, to seduce him but it didn't work out very well. Sebastian wasn't a man who would screw every now and then. She was so angry with him with the way he left her. Sebastian wanted to fuck her but he didn't know how to explain his fetish to her. Sebastian was ready to show her what she would be getting if they were going to have an affair. After their little show, she knew she wanted what he had to offer her but she wasn't good at following orders. That's how she earned her spankings. "Think before you talk..." Sebastian didn't and now she was mad at him again. He was in love with her and he was ready to fix his mistake. He did tried but this time it was Bailey who had screwd everything up, big time.
Her fear of commitment was tearing them apart. But with the help of her mother and her best friend they had the chance to talk and realise how much they loved each other.

It was hot and sweet. Just as the Maverick's Black Cat, we have a dominant man and an independant woman who refuse to submit to their lover, well except in the bedroom that is. Lots of kinky sex, fights and love. Bailey is an independant woman who didn't want help from anyone and was afraid of commitment. Sebastian was usually a carefree man but in his sex life was a very dominant man who wanted to be always in control. We can see Mason and Cat here too and we're introduced to Big Phill and Natalie.

My favourite lines:
 1)On some twisted porn level their "how they met" love story was romantic. Poor girl meets rich boy on jerk site.
Boy dominates girl. Girl finds out boy is her boss. Boy and girl live happily ever after.

2) What's the matter with you 'Bastian? I'm not going to bite.
But i might if you keep it up.

3) Keep it up brat and i'll warm your ass long before Sebastian gets the chance.

4) un-fucking-believable. My orgasms had orgasms.

5)"Open your thighs for me sweetheart. I want to smell the sweet scent of your sex all the way home."

6) We'd better go inside before i bend you over the hood of the car and fuck you until you can't walk straight.

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