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A Fostered love (Fostered siblings #1) by Cameron Dane

 Christian Sanchez never thought he would see Jonah Roberts again. Foster brothers for a short time as teens, Christian developed a massive crush on Jonah, his tough, older roommate. That all ended when the cops came and arrested Jonah, stealing him from Christian's uncertain world.

Jonah never forgot Christian, even though he cut off all contact with the boy. Jonah knew the kid with the crush on him would be better off forgetting that Jonah ever existed. Jonah stayed in contact with his foster mother Marisol, but refused to hear stories about Christian, and made the woman promise never to tell Christian anything about him.

Upon her death fifteen years later, Marisol leaves a request that Jonah come home and help Christian renovate her house. Jonah can't refuse, even though he knows he will have to face Christian once again.

Although they haven't seen each other in years, neither man has forgotten the other. Neither man will deny Marisol her final request...even if it means facing their past, working together, sharing the room they had as teens, getting to know one another now as men, and discovering that the brief friendship they shared has altered into a consuming, abiding love.

                                                                      My opinion:
 Christian and Jonah were first met when they were both fostered by the same woman Marisol. When Jonah was 16 he was arrested for drugs and went to jail. Now he came back because of Marisol's wish, he was going to help Christian renovate  her house. Both men noticed how much they changed over the years, especially their bodies. They both wanted each other but were afraid to admit it. When they were kids Christian had made the first move, now it was Jonah who did it, but since he never had a relationship he didn't know what to do after that. When christian pushed him and made him talk they figured out how this would go between them. They had incredible sex multiple times. Christian's ex lover didn't leave him alone and that made Jonah very angry. Christian told everything to a friend who was a detective but what he found out made Christian fear for his life.As it turned out David was really dangerous. When they finished renovating the house Christian was in for the biggest surprise in his life. He found out how much Jonah was in love with him.

It's so romantic!!! There are too many scorching hot love scenes, and a few flash backs which make you understand the plot. The characters are amazing and so different. Jonah seems to be a bad boy from the outside but he's a big softy regarding Christian, he's also a big poet by heart. Christian is the most kindest soul you could ever meet and have loved Jonah from day one. They complete each other. I also loved the part that Rodrigo was bickering with Abby, they were so funny.

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                                                               A fostered love

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