Blind devotion ( Chaos Bleeds book #4) by Sam Crescent

 Ever since he learned of the death of his friend, Ashley, Pussy has been trying to do what was right for the club. Gonzalez, the new threat that The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds face, is worse than any of them anticipated. Gonzalez holds all the cards, and he’s driving the Chaos Bleeds crew down a spiral that can only end in death.

Blinded by her stepfather, Sasha has been living in a world of darkness for a long time, but one chance meeting with Pussy changes her life forever. The few moments she’s in his arms are the best of her life. He gives her independence and helps her to see her future more clearly.

However, Gonzalez is pushing the Chaos Bleeds crew to the breaking point. How long will it be before they all snap? In the midst of all this danger, Sasha, in her blindness and innocence, is a risk to the club’s future. How can Pussy choose between the love of his club and the love of his woman?

                                                                    My opinion:
  The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds are still in a big trouble with Gonzales. He showed them for one more time how powerful and terrible he can be. Sasha's life used to be so nice and bright until her mother married her stepfather who always causing her problems and was responsible for her blindness.Pussy was very upset and sad about his friends death he couldn't get her out of his mind and from time to time he was thinking about Sasha too. Frederick was enjoying to play with the two MCs he knew he had the power to make them do anything. All this craziness was making Pussy very nervous and he went to the only person he had constantly on his mind. Pussy liked her alot and after finding out what
her stepdad did to her he wanted to keep her safe. He knew only one way to do that. The Chaos Bleeds MC found out Fredericks plan and they were very anxious, they had to do something about it or they were all going to die. And they did, they showed him that he wasn't as untouchable as he thought.

This was intense, i loved it. This series is getting better and better.
From one side we have Pussy hurt by his friend's death and he finds comfort in Sasha who eventually falls in love with her, the pure and so loving blind girl. The other side is the big problem Gonzalez who's ruining everything and everyone. At first the club seems so scared but at the end they show who they really are.

My favourite lines:
 1)“It’s my club name. I like to eat pussy and drown in pussy. It’s my name, and it’s time you
recognized it.”

2)“You’re going to have to tell me to stop, Sasha. I want you, and if you let me, I’ll fuck you all night
long and show you what you’ve been missing,” he said.

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                                                                 blind devotion

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