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Screwdrivered (Cocktail series #3) by Alice Clayton

 By day, Viv Franklin is a tough-as-nails software engineer who designs programs and loves hospital corners. By night, Vivian’s a secret romance-novel junkie who longs for a knight in shining armor, or a cowboy on a wild stallion, or a strapping firefighter to sweep her off her feet. And she gets to wear the bodice—don’t forget the bodice.

When a phone call brings news that she’s inherited a beautiful old home in Mendocino, California from a long-forgotten aunt, she moves her entire life across the country to embark on what she sees as a great, romance-novel-worthy adventure. But romance novels always have a twist, don’t they?

There’s a cowboy, one that ignites her loins. Because Cowboy Hank is totally loin-ignition worthy. But there’s also a librarian, Clark Barrow. And he calls her Vivian. Can tweed jackets and elbow patches compete with chaps and spurs? You bet your sweet cow pie.

In Screwdrivered, Alice Clayton pits Superman against Clark in a hilarious and hot battle that delights a swooning Viv/Vivian. Also within this book, an answer to the question of the ages: Why ride a cowboy when you can ride a librarian?

                                                              My opinion:
  The story of Viv's, Simon's best friend from Philadelphia.
Viv loved a good romance book and she was seeking men like those in the books, that's why she ended up alot with blind dates set from her mom.One night she had a phone call from an attorney who informed her that her aunt left her a ranch in california. She decided that she was
gonna move there, her family didn't like that at all.From the outside the house was beautiful,now the inside was another story. While she was checking the rest of the property she saw him,her new cowboy. Their first meeting was nothing like the romance novels. When Viv went into town to run some errands she met some very nice and kind people. The next day she met the hunk cowboy again and she had a"normal" talk with him.When the word spread out that she wanted to change a few things in the house a man came and told her that she couldn't do anything without his permission, that pissed her off, it was mostly this librarian's ways that made her so angry and stubborn.She was determined to find out what she could do with the house without Clark being involved.But when she spent some time with him she saw that he wasn't so bad and he had a good body too.When the cowboy Hank and the librarian Clark were in the same place you could see that something happened
between those two.After spending so much time together Viv started developing feelings for Clark,feelings she never thought that could have for a man like him.So when he decided to step away from her it hurt her deeply,she missed him so much.
Vivian was so sure that one of those men was her knight in shining armor but she might be wrong about who exactly.

It's such a beautiful story, so romantic. This is how every sweet romance novel should be. I loved every part of it,the main and rest of the characters are so amazing and funny.We also got to see Simon,Caroline,Mimi and Ryan.The heroine of this story is a beautiful strong woman who was used to do things on her own but had an addiction to novel stories and the dream that one day she's going to live the story of one of them. Then we have the cowboy, a very hot and sexy man with the body of a greek god but the attitude of a teenager, on the other side we have the librarian a very smart kind and nice man who at night could turn into  sexy and mysterious.

My favourite lines:
 1). Messy hair? Yes, please.

2)“No more asset talk. I want to be romanced; I want to be swept away—I want something special,
rare, passionate, out of the ordinary!”

3)Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when your horse poops poo

4)“She was crazy, not stupid.”
I snorted. “She keeps her Johnny Mathis records in the fireplace, Ma.”
“I rest my case.”

5)In fact, I did start to see the humor in this situation. I had the Fabio of cowboys in front of me, with
no shirt on per usual, and I’d just poured a beer in my ear because I was so darn twitterpated.

6)Um. Yeah. I was losing it. Cowboy Hank was doing a number on me . . .
   And that number was sixty-nine—
   Stop it!

7)“She on the crack?” I asked her fiance, who laughed out loud.
    “She’s a professional organizer. Your house will be like crack to her.”
    “Then she’s going to need rehab after this,”

8)Did I arch my back when his gaze finally made it to my chest? Of course I did. And was
rewarded with a nostril flare, the equivalent of a facial boner.

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