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Full circle ( Broken Pieces #2) by Riley Hart

 Nothing in life is ever easy, and no one is more painfully aware of that than Josiah Evans, Mateo Sanchez, and Tristan Croft. They know what they want—each other—but with three people as broken as they are, all those pieces aren't so easily mended.

Josiah is their glue. All he wants is to give his men what they need.

Mateo wants to absolve himself of his sins. To be worthy of love and to protect it.

Tristan must let go of his past, must learn how to need, and what it really means to take care of someone.

To keep the balance intact, they all have their roles to play. But what happens if the balance shifts? What happens when someone doesn’t play the right part? If one of them falters, they all feel the strain.

The only way to complete their full circle is for all their pieces, despite the curves and rough edges, to fit together perfectly. To do that, Josiah, Mateo, and Tristan must learn to get over the pasts that have defined who they are. And when an old enemy returns and threatens the foundation of their new life, decisions will be made, and boundaries will be tested that could change their lives forever.

                                                               My opinion:
  Joshia Mateo and Tristan are still together and trying to live their lives happily. They are making their dreams come true, Joshia is having his coffeehouse, Teo is learning photography and Tristan is working on himself trying to open up more and reveal the secrets that eating him. Everything
is going fine until the moment someone from Mateo's past hurts one of his men and threatens all of them.

There's so much drama and many love scenes. You can see the main characters struggle for a better life. Their past is haunting them but with each others help they're able to move forward and the three broken pieces became a full circle. A big part of this book is about how people are treating those who are different from them. The only thing that gave them their happy ending was their love and their determination to fight and stay together.

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                                                                         Full Circle

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