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One Night: Denied (One Night trilogy book #2) by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Meet Livy and her mysterious 'M'. Aloof, addictive and intriguing - ever since he offered her 24 hours of adoration and satisfaction, M has turned Livy's life upside down. It seems they both have secrets - and following their hearts will risk everything.

                                                   My opinion:
Olivia is hurt because of the revelation that Miller was an escort and afraid that she'll meet William again. She trying to move on but it's hard for her.
William found her, told her a few things about her mother and Miller, he wanted her to stay away from him because according to him Miller was living in
darkness. Miller couldn't live without her so he was trying to convince her that he could fix everything. Livy caves in, she wants him too much and she is
willing to be there for him and fix him. She felt so good when she was with him but most people except her nan wanted them apart and were doing everything
they could for that to happen.At one point his previous life made him doubt himself, Miller couldn't stand the thought that Livy could get hurt because of him. So he let her go. But soon enough he realised that he couldn't live without her. That's why he tried to quit but his "bosses" didn't like that.

Well written with a nice plot. Love scenes great as always, i liked that we learned more about the two main characters. I loved the parts where Miller was
playfull, smiling and laughing. It was good reading about how much he actually loves Livy even if he can't say it. She understands him like noone else did.
For the two thirds of the story Miller was trying to convince Livy that they should be together, but i was glad that even for the smallest part of it the 
one who was fighting was Livy. I was kind of tired to see her always running away. The last part was the most intense and emotional for me, it's where they both sacrifice everything so they can have a life together. 

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                One Night: Denied

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