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Gods & Monsters (Scorpio Stinger MC #3) by Jani Kay

I never look in a mirror. I don’t need to. If I want to see what I look like, I just look at my twin. Daemon and I are identical in every way — from the outside. That’s where it ends. 

Born five minutes after me, my brother hates that he came second. It irks him that I breathed life into my lungs first. Ever since he’s been trying to steal everything I have. Everything I love. 
To own it first. 

Until the day I, Cobra Malone, become president of the Scorpio Stinger MC. I throw him out like the garbage he is. Rotten filth won’t be able to taunt me any longer. 
How wrong I am. 

Evil knows no barriers. It stops at nothing. It won’t rest until it gets what it wants. And he wants what is mine. MINE. He wants my woman. My air. My reason for living. 
I’ll die before I let him take Mia from me. 

Will this be a battle to the end? Till the last man is left standing? 
When two wills this strong clash, there will be chaos . . . and blood. 
Who will win? The God or The Monster? 

                                                         My opinion:
This is the story of Cobra and Mia.
The first part of the book explains the hatred between the two twin brothers, how it started and how deep it went. It shows the love between the club brothers. Also we read how Cobra met little Alessandra, how they grow to love each other and the moment were her life would change forever. Two years after the death of his father Cobra threw his twin brother out of the club, thought  that it would be over, if he only knew better... The second half of the book is about present day: Daemon took Jamie so he can get his revenge. Cobra is in so much pain, his brother finally hurt him. The cops found where Deamon was and they were going to get the kid. But the Scorpio family wasn't going to sit and wait, they took the law in their hands one more time. They were going to get him back or die trying. And somebody died in the end.

How can so much love and hatred fit in one story...

Mia is one of the strongest and feisty characters i have ever read. She was ready to do everything to save her family, even make a deal with the devil himself. In this book we see Cobra suffering so much, he's hurt because his brother kidnapped his son and because he feels that he failed by not protecting his own family. For one more time the club family proves how loyal they are to each other. I loved this book, especially the last chapter where Deamon explains how he ended up being the cruel monster.

You can buy it on Amazon:
                                      Gods & Monsters

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