Outlaw's Kiss (Grizzlies MC #1) by Nicole Snow


The dirty little secret dad left in the basement was supposed to be our salvation. Guess nobody told him you don't take cash from killers without savage consequences.

Now, the Grizzlies Motorcycle Club owns my sister and I. We're only alive because the rugged hulk with the piercing eyes who won't stop ordering me around says so. He saved us, but he's also an enigma I don't understand.

Why does he keep calling me his old lady? Is he really the light to our darkness? And why the hell can't I stop thinking nasty, shameful things about ending up underneath his wicked tattoos and crude lips?


I claimed her on impulse, and all my brothers laughed. Didn't know I'd end up with a smoking hot spitfire who looks at me like I'm the devil himself.

I expected my reputation to crack, but my damned mind's going with it. She's got me questioning my own club and asking myself every single day how long I can keep my hands off her.

It was only pretend, a way to keep her safe. But I can't ignore the very real brutality, corruption, and danger stalking us. Just like I can't forget the storm in my blood that won't stop howling 'til she's wearing my brand and bracing for my kiss.

Play time's over. Missy's gonna be my old lady - no more faking it - and nothing's standing in my way...

                                                       My opinion:
When Melissa's dad was dying, told her to look in the basement for something. They were broke but she had to figure something because she didn't want to lose her younger sister. One night she remembered her dad's last words and checked the basement, there she found thousand dollars. The same night a few scary bikers came into her house asking about the money.They were ready to kill them until one of them claimed Missy as his old lady so he can protect her. Things hadn't been easy for them even after the claiming, some of the Grizzlies members were traitors and monsters. So Brass and a few other brothers had to do something about it. They asked the help of another MC to help them bring down their Prez. It wasn't easy, they've been through hell and back but in the end they were living happily.

Interesting story, there are alot of sick scenes but a few nice too. It's mostly a struggle for the girls to survive in the new world, but also for Brass who was ready to kill anyone who would harm his girls,even his own brothers.It's one of the very few biker books that involve internal treachery.

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