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The rocker who hates me ( The Rocker #10) by Terri Anne Browning

From the moment I set eyes on that brown eyed, little Italian rock goddess I knew she was meant for me. But my life was too messed up to give her what she needed. So I pushed her away—right into the arms of my band’s front man—only to regret it the second I saw them together. 

The moment they were over I tried to clean up my act and chased after that girl until she was mine. 

But like always, I let my demons screw with my head and went looking for my next fix. I knew if she found out I would have to choose between the numbness that the drugs gave me, and the best thing that had ever happened to me. 

I chose wrong. 


The second that I found out Liam was in a car accident that fateful New Years Eve night, I knew I’d made the worst mistake in not trying to fight for him. For us. I never should have pushed him away, but tried to help him through his battle with addiction. When he woke up in the hospital and saw me standing beside of him, I knew that I had killed the love he had for me and all that was left was hate. 

Now, more than a year later, I knew the truth about that crazy night. I knew why he’d pushed me out of his life, and I was going to stop at nothing to get the man who owns me—heart and soul—back. 

That is if I can survive the night… 

                                                           My opinion:
Brie had learnt something important from her grandfather and was looking desperate for Liam to talk to him. While she was waiting for him she saw a stranger who was trying to take little Mia, she tried to free the girl but that person was faster and was holding a gun. Liam was devastated when he saw her bleeding and he broke down when he visited her in the ICU ward. All their friends were at the hospital waiting for news. With the days passing Gabriella was getting stronger. The day she opened her eyes the first person she saw was Liam. She found out that he never left her side and he told her that he loved her. She was very happy. One of the surprises she had in the hospital was when Emmie visited her. When Gab was released she started her new life with her love of her life.

It's a nice simple explanatory story. We get to know more about Liam and Gab, how they met, fell in love and why they broke it off. We also get to find out why Gab hates Em so much. There aren't so many hot scenes as the previous books but there are many emotional. This book is only about those two,  there is no side story.

You can buy it on amazon:
                                       The Rocker Who Hates Me

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