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Three Two One by J.A. Huss

Battered, barefoot, and huddled under a bookstore awning in the pouring rain, Blue only knows one thing. After fifteen months of captivity, finally... she is free.

Self-made millionaires JD and Ark are not out to save anyone when they stumble upon a wet and shivering girl one early Sunday morning. But when you sell sex for a living and salvation rings your bell... you answer the call.


After years of searching, love lifts the veil of darkness, and three people--with three very big secrets--find themselves bound together in a relationship that defies the odds.

Or does it?
Love. Lust. Sex.
This trinity might be perfection... but not everything should come in 3's.

                                                      My opinion:
JD and Ark are friends and business partners, they have a site The Public Fuck America where they are taking pictures of women kissing or fucking on the streets early in the morning. One day a woman didn't show up for the shoot, they were desperate. While they were walking they found a girl who was wet and cold, JD offered her a way to make money and she took the opportunity since she needed the money to go back home. They took her home, took the pictures, then she fell asleep, that's when they saw the marks on her body. They asked her questions but she didn't want to talk about that, Blue was afraid but JD needed the information and he was going to find them either way. After many days Ark made her tell them her story, it was a very sad and dangerous one. They decided to be in a menage relationship, but a relationship can't work if you are keeping secrets, can it? The worst happens when those secrets are being revealed.

It's a very intense and kind of dark story but so beautiful in the end. All three main characters are unique but they have something in common. One wants to receive pain and humiliation, the other wants to cause pain and go wild, the last one wants pure love. Ark likes to be in control, JD wants to have fun, Blue needed to feel safe. The three of them became one person through this relationship. The secrets , the guilt and the obsession ruined everything. It has a happy ending just not the one you would expect.

You can buy it on amazon:
                                  Three Two One

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