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Duke ( Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club #1) by Candace Blevins


Duke’s friend’s little sister had been off limits when they were growing up, but Gen is all woman now, with the sexiest curves ever. However, bringing her into his life now, as the new Rolling Thunder chapter establishes itself as a powerhouse in Chattanooga, would put her in danger.

Gen has no idea she already knows one of the bikers until she arrives to show them some downtown properties they’re looking to buy.

They live in different worlds, and despite being a successful businesswoman, Gen has led a sheltered life. She wears couture, while Duke wears Levi jeans and his MC colors on a black leather vest. Not to mention, he's a werewolf and she's a blissfully unaware human. Can two people, so different, possibly work? 

                                                              My opinion:
The Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club wanted to locate in Chattanooga. Gen had walked in her boyfriend with another chick on her bed, she immediately went to her big brother for emotional support and a place to sleep. The next morning was better for her, she met with a few guys from the MC to show them some properties, one of them was her brother's old friend. She had a major crush on Keith aka Duke. He made it clear that at some point he wanted a date with her. By accident she went to one of his properties to have fun, that worked as a sign for him that it was time for them to be together. They were oficial a couple now, they were doing good for most of the time but they had their problems too. Gen had doubts about their relationship because she knew Duke wasn't showing her who he really was. Gen had many questions and he was able to answer some of them. Later that day they found out that someone was causing problems. Gen was having a hard time trying to accept Duke's bossy ways. Her ex boyfriend was harassing her and at some point he became very dangerous, but thankfully she knew people who could protect and help her. Gen without wanting it, hurt badly Duke and his wolf, after a while they managed to get over it. After everything that happened they realised that whatever was happening between them was serious, that's why they decided to make it official.

This story combines a nice biker story with werewolf shifters. There is the main Alpha male character and a strong willed female. Duke was a bossy man, he was used on people doing what he said, but that didn't happen with Gen often. She was a successful businesswoman who grew up to be strong and independent. It was hard for them to work out as a couple since they belonged in very different worlds and they knew it. But their love was strong enough to keep them together and not to let them care about the silly stereotypes.

My favourite line:

“So, werewolves drive motorcycles because it’s too hard to hang your head out the window of a car while you’re driving?”

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