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Kalon ( Take Over #2) by T.L. Smith

He wants me dead because I’m a threat to him. He tried to murder my Father. Little did he know that you don’t mess with my family?

I will get my revenge. Then I’ll take down anyone else who stands in my way and I will make them pay.

I’m not your average woman. I deal with thugs and murders. I’ve been broken and tortured. But don’t mistake this for weakness. I am far from weak. I should be feared and definitely not be messed with.

I have a Greek God by my side. His name is Stefanos and he worships the ground I walk on, and I adore him. He gives me the strength I need for the path I’ve chosen.

People in my business know me as Krinos, and I am not to be trifled with.

                                                           My opinion:
Now that her father is in the hospital, she runs the Empire. One night she had to meet with the Tomb Motorcycle Club, one of the guys who came was her past lover who used to call her Kalon. Stefanos is coming back from business, Eliza now hopes that the guy from her past won't stir up any problems with her boyfriend. No such luck, with the first chance Hunter had he stirred things up and he ended up with a fist on his face. Stefanos was outraged when he found out about him and the name. Noone could touch his princess. A few days later, she met the sister she never knew she had. Eliza is preparing to get her revenge soon and her dad is finally home. She takes her revenge but the happily ever after hasn't come yet to her, only more troubles.

The second book of the Take Over series. Interesting as the first one. This time Eliza is the boss, she still has a few problems with those who don't take women serious but then end up paying for it. The story is focused on her revenge towards Alberto. Along with that we can see Eliza's and Stefano's progress on their relationship.

My favourite lines:

1)“Obviously, my revenge will work out just fine, Roberto. I’ve been through hell and back and I’m still here, bitch and all.”
2) I will not stab her. I will not stab her. I will not shoot her. Oh, fuck it, I’ll stab the bitch. 

3)“If you take a step closer, I will punch the living shit out of you.”

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