Only Trick by Jewel E. Ann

“Don’t Look Back in Anger”

In one night, I lost five years of my life. Here’s what I know …

I was homeless.

I’m a recovering drug addict.

My inked skin crawls from lustful eyes.

I have a serious aversion to women.

My gay partner is a home wrecker.

I own a gun and I’m a damn good shot.

I’m a makeup artist, but it’s an insult to my talent.

I’ve never wanted to possess anything

                                                             My opinion:
Darby was a physician assistant who loved her job very much. One day she met a "squirrel",a very intense and sexy patient, Patrick Roth. He left her speechless.Later that week she had to go on a fundraiser, but since she had no idea on how to do her hair or make up her friend insisted on sending her to a specialist  to do it. And that's how she met her patient again, who happened to be one of the best make up artists, known as Trick. She couldn't stop thinking about him even though her friend told her that he was gay. After he treated her like a jerk he tried to apologise with a dinner. There, they talked about themselves. They became friends immediately , but Trick was a very closed person and it was very difficult to have a conversation with him. She was drawn to him and she had no idea why. For the next few weeks they spend everyday together, slept together as well. It was a torture for her because she was attracted to him. They had a one night stand and then he disappeared for days. She needed closure from him and some answers, but she certainly didn't expect what he told her. Trick knew he didn't deserve her but he couldn't lose her either. They fell in love fast.  Trick was annoyed because he couldn't remember a thing from his past. They were happy together, they got married but his memory was coming back slowly, and what he was remembering was causing them problems. Eventually his past came back to haunt their relationship. It was very hard for her to accept what happened in his past but it was impossible to have a life without him. A few years later she made him the happiest man on the earth.

I loved it. It's an amazing story and i'm glad that i had the opportunity to read it. It's mostly romantic but funny too. They have a very intense chemistry. The two main characters are Darby and Trick. The first one is a girl who hadn't a normal family, since she didn't get to meet her mom and her dad didn't show any affection to her. Luckily her grandma gave her all the love she needed. She had a tough childhood and her years in college weren't the best, but they made her who she was. A loving and caring woman who loved to help people. Then she met Trick and that's when she learned what love meant and that happiness didn't come by the other people's acceptance. Trick was a very damaged person because of his past. He had an aversion to women which made it difficult for others to get to know him. Darby managed to bring down his walls, showed him love and made him happy again. They had a few things in common: they didn't trust the other sex, they didn't have many friends and they both loved their jobs. What didn't have in common was the way they grew up and their kind of fun was completely different. What i also loved about this book is that even the other characters stay in your head, and the author gives many details about who they are and a little about their past. Except from Trick who was my favourite i liked Nana the 70+ lady who was very strong and wise but acted like she was much younger.

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