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Undeniably you by Jewel E. Ann

One crazy dog—one awkward vet—one naked pool guy—and one life-changing month in California to make friends, fall in love, and twist fate. 

Who gets paid to walk a dog and recline by the pool all day? Sydney Montgomery, aspiring museum curator and professional house-sitter, that’s who. 

When her aunt and uncle need a house and dog sitter for thirty days in Palo Alto, Sydney can’t turn down the chance to be closer to her sister in L.A. Within twenty-four hours of her arrival, Sydney’s cleaning up runny dog poo, taking an uncooperative pooch to a handsome yet awkward vet, and being rescued from the bottom of the pool by a naked “pool guy.” 

Lautner, “pool guy,” has a hot body and a cool persona. With eyes of iridescent blue oceans, he is mesmerizing, sexy, and addictive. What he is not—the pool guy. 

Dr. Lautner Sullivan is a college wide receiver turned pediatric resident. He knows how to woo a woman with flowers, pastries, and sweet tea. Lautner is every girl’s dream, but Sydney is not every girl. She’s immune to rainbows, fairytales, pixy dust, and the “L” word. 

The attraction is immediate, the friendship is earned, and the love is undeniable. Thirty days is their forever, but forever is not long enough. 

                                                            My opinion:
Sydney was house and dog sitting for her aunt. Swarley, their dog, had a little problem and she decided to visit the vet. There she met the hottest and nicest vet, Dane. When she went back home a hot blond guy came by, she thought it was the pool guy but she was wrong. She threw him out but the next day he came back again. They introduced ,talked for a while and then went to the beach. Three days in Palo Alto and she had a vet and a pediatrician flirting with her and asking her on dates. She was attracted alot to Lautner as he was in her. They starting fooling around and made it clear that none of them were looking for something serious. They were having fun and lots of sex. Unfortunately they starting to fall for each other and that wasn't in their plans. Lautner was confessing his love to her but she was in denial, trying to not to make a big deal. When the time came she chose to follow her dream. A few days later something unexpected happened and changed everything. She came back to talk to him but what she saw in his house made her change her mind, she decided to keep this secret for herself. And she did for several years. Until he found out and then her life became more complicated, she was lost and didn't know what to do anymore. Spending time with Lautner again wasn't easy or enjoyful now. He was waiting from her to tell him something but she didn't know what. When she figured it out, her biggest dream came true.

Such a sweet and complicated story. The story telling goes from present to past at some points as an explanation. Well written with a few smart lines. Sydney was a girl with a dream, she wanted to finish her studies and to work at a museum. Along the way she met a handsome and funny guy, she fell for him. But she didn't want to admit that since it would change everything. She was such a stubborn and fiery girl. Lautner was ready to start working at a hospital when he met her. He knew from the start that she was the only woman for him. But her decisions changed everything for them, leaving them heartbroken and miserable. Until the day that he made her realise how strong were her feelings for him. That was one of the three best days of her life. The two characters had good chemistry, they were kind of weird and funny. With a few words: the perfect match in everything. They went from strangers, to friends and then lovers in a record time.

My favorite lines:

1)“Okay, dog, when I say attack you’d better obey.”

2)“Nervous? Why would I be nervous? It’s not as if I’m going to the beach with a complete stranger who could rape me, chop up my body, and feed me to the sharks.”

3)“Stop stripping in front of me!”
  “Once again, not something a girl has ever said to me before.”

4)“Penis? Cock? Dick? Wood? Schlong? Womb broom? Clam hammer? Yogurt slinger?”

5)“Avery in a monogamous relationship. Quick, grab my jacket, Hell must be freezing over.”

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