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Fated by S.H. Kolee

Do you need to love someone to be happy? Does happiness mean a fairy tale ending?

Caden Riley challenged me from the first moment I met him. It was more than his good looks or his fame as a photographer that drew me to him. He offered me things that I never knew I wanted, and didn’t demand more than I was willing to give.

Was I happy? I’m not sure. Happiness is an emotion I’m unfamiliar with. But I finally knew what it felt like to experience real passion. To let go of all my inhibitions and surrender to my desires. It was enough for me, because it was more than I ever expected.

Until Caden tempted me with possibilities. The possibility of a future; the possibility of a life I never imagined; the possibility of heartbreak and never hearing the words "I love you."

Love is a funny thing. It can make you feel like the world is yours to conquer. It can also bring you to your knees. I’m not sure which is my fate.

                                                                  My opinion:
Lauren was trying to escape from her past so she recently moved to NYC. She was looking for a job and a place. Her friend Macie was looking for someone to fill in for her at work, and she begged her to do it. She was a bit hesitant at first but she accepted. This job  was more demanding than her previous but paid very well. She was good at it, but at times it was weird working with Caden since she wasn't immune to his charm. His photographs affected her and the kiss they shared after a party made her go crazy. She wanted it to keep their relationship in a professional level, but Caden had other plans. They crossed the line, they had an amazing time together, which they were going to repeat many times, only if they could seperate it from work, Lauren's request. Lauren had found out a few things about Caden's early life and after a bad incident at work she felt the need to share a few information about her past as well. They were having so much fun together. But Caden's fears and insecurities ruined everything. A sickness of a close friend made them realise how much they needed each other. Unfortunately that wasn't enough to keep them together, when only one was capable to fight for a relationship. Caden still wanted her in his life so he tried to convince her to be just friends. After all the pain she had endured from the way he treated her, Lauren wasn't sure if they could be in a relationship ever again. When they met in person she realised that his feelings for her were as real as hers.

It's a beautiful romantic and very erotic story. Two people with a rough past who they find in each other what they were missing in all their lives. For the first time they feel happy by being around a person that deeply cares about them and enjoy the physical connection. The major difference between the two main characters was that Lauren was able to leave her past behind and find happiness. But Caden because of his main fear, took him more time to realise his mistake and let himself free. Lauren was a very nice woman who was quite close as a person with no family and not so many friends. She tried to avoid long term relationships because of her past. Her friend Macie was the only person who brightened her day until she met Caden. Caden was a good hearted person, very kind and fun with those who trusted. He avoided love like it was the plague because of what happened to his parents.

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