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Roomies ( A Standalone Novel- New York City Bad Boy Romance) by Claire Adams

My name is Leila. I moved to New York City for a great internship opportunity but unfortunately it costs a fortune to live there. So I had to find a roommate. The best one I could find was Dane. Tattooed. Male Whore. And annoying. But he had the money to pay half the rent. My only problem? He wants more than just being my roommate... 

I'm Dane and I don't have feelings for women. They are just there to get me off. Yeah, I'm a dick and don't care. Unfortunately when I start rooming with Leila she doesn't have time to deal with my sh*t. That's not the biggest problem though. She won't f*ck me. 

I finally met my match... 

                                                                       My opinion:
Leila was working as an intern in a company. With her salary wasn't able to afford living alone so she had to find a roommate. None of the candidates were good enough for her, but she was desperate so she chose one of them, Dane. He's a chef, very sexy guy and kind of arrogant. Leila hated her job almost as much as her new roommate. Her life there wasn't very good. Day to day her feelings for Dane were changing, the same thing happened for him as well. One day they decided to talk about it and thought they could work as a couple. But it was more difficult than they thought, since Leila was moving in another city for a new job. She knew that they couldn't find a way to be together while living in two different cities, so she left him. They tried to get over each other but they couldn't. They belonged together.

It was a nice story, definitely not what i was expecting frome reading the description. Leila was a girl who loved her job but not the place she was working in NY. Her luck in men was awful until the day she met Dane. Dane loved his job as well, he wasn't a man who liked being in a relationship until he met Leila. They fell in love in a very short time. In the end they made it work between them and they were very happy.

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