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Sinner's Steel ( The Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club #3) by Sarah Castille

Tall, dark, and dangerously handsome, Zane "Tracker" Colter is the strong, silent type of tattooed muscle biker who drives women wild. But as a master of strategy for the outlaw MC club, Sinner's Tribe, he doesn't have time to play around with groupies and biker chicks-especially when he can't stop thinking about Evie, the girl who got away...

Evie's been in love with Zane ever since they were children-until he broke her heart and disappeared. Now he's back in her life, bigger and badder than ever. Zane is stunned by how beautiful and confident Evie's become, using her artistic talent to customize motorcycles. He wants her so bad, he'd ride through fire to win her back. There's one problem: Evie is dating his deadliest rival-the leader of the Black Jacks-and if Evie and Zane hook up, there'll be hell to pay...

                                                              My opinion:
When Zane was younger he was in love with his friend Evie. Nine years later: The MC had finally found Axle and were ready to get him , until Zane noticed the  beautiful redhead who was with him, his Evie. Axle run away from them,and  Jagger decided to go talk with Evie. She was currently dating their number one enemy, Viper, but she didn't tell them that. Zane had never forget her and now he was ready to earn her love again. When they found out about Viper and her, they weren't happy but they went to resque her from him. It wasn't an easy task to get rid of Viper, especially when Evie denied her friends' help because of her independence. The sinner's took her and her son in the safehouse so they could protect them. While they were trying to take their friend back from the Black Jacks, Zane and Evie were getting to know each other again. Viper, being a dirty manipulative asshat with no remorse, used everything he could to get what he wanted, even a little kid. The Sinners though were smarter and had a good plan, so they won this battle. In the end Zane was a free man and was going to live happily with his family.

It's a very interesting and sexy story. There's alot of action between the two rival MCs. A few scorching hot scenes between Zane and Evie. We learn about their past, and how much they had changed after all these years. I admired Evie's independence most of the time, but at some point it started pissing me off as well, since her attitude caused troubles. I liked how Zane handle everything before he came to claim his woman and his son.

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                                           Sinner's Steel

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