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Pretend ( Blackcreek #3) by Riley Hart

Mason Alexander thought all he wanted in life was something to call his own—something without the family name attached. He got that when he bought his bar in Blackcreek...but then a hard truth opens his eyes that he’s been lied to his whole life, and he’s tangled amid the family that loves him, a truth that haunts him, and torn between the life he wants for himself and the obligation he feels for his family.

Gavin Davis knows a thing or two about living a double life. Being a gay man with strict Christian parents who believe he’s going to Hell, has never been easy. Instead of dealing, Gavin lost himself in his career. Teaching music gives him solace. So when he loses his job at a private school for helping out a gay kid, he feels like he lost more than a job. He lost his identity.

Blackcreek is a new start for both of them, two men, loyal to a fault, who both feel obligated to people in their lives. What Mason and Gavin don’t expect to find in each other is the place where they can be real. They know they want each other, it’s the rest of it they can’t figure out. Caught between loyalty, obligation, fear, tragedy and family, Mason and Gavin’s lives threaten to pull them away from each other if they don’t get real, and stop playing pretend, for good.

                                                                               My opinion:
This is the story of Mason and Gavin. Mason had left from Denver and his family business so he can create something himself. He ended up in Blackcreek, opened a bar, made a few friends and he also met Gavin. Gavin was Braden's ex boyfriend but also a very good friend. He went to Blackcreek for his friend's wedding but decided to stay since he had no job or home. He immediately hit it off with Mason, since they liked each other alot, which was one of the reason Gavin was offered a bartending job in the bar. The sex between them was amazing and the fact that they both had problems with their families seemed that it brought them closer. Of course that didn't last long, because of Mason's ex who was causing troubles ,the sickness and lack of support of their families. They had to take some time and see what they really wanted for their life.

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