Mating Brand ( Mating Heat #3) by Laurann Dohren

Brand meets his dream girl in college—a half-human, half-leopard shapeshifter who cannot shift. Werewolves and cats are natural enemies but the power of their sexual chemistry overwhelms them. She steals his heart and makes him whole. When she abandons him it fractures his world and he knows no woman can ever take her place. Though many seek his attention, he is cold and unattainable.

The love they share is soul deep but the fate of Charma’s family lies in her hands. The memory of every heated touch they share will cut out both their hearts when she leaves him but to save them all, she must run. After nine years of desolation and heartbreak Charma is back. She risks forfeiting her life to warn Brand of an impending attack but she doesn’t hesitate. Brand has her in his arms once more and he will never lose her again.

                                                             My opinion:

This is the story of an alpha werewolf and a half human/leopard who reunite after many years and have their happily ever after.

Brand and Charma had met in college. They were the  only shifters there, so they kind of hit it off immediately despite that by nature their kinds were mortal enemies. They loved each other very much, but they couldn't be together, not only because of who they were but also about the promise her pack made for her life. Charma couldn't stand hurting Brand anymore so she left. Nine years later: Charma's life was a living hell, she was mated with an abuser and she could do nothing about it. When she found out that her pack would go after Brand's pack she decided to go and warn him. Brand was so happy she came back to him, but what he learned about her life made him see red. She was his mate and he was going to make it official very soon. The wolf pack was getting ready for the war with the "cats". Thankfully the wolves while in heat were stronger and smarter so it was easy for them to teach a lesson to those cats. After that, Brand and Charma started their new life with their new extended family.

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