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Cat Scratch Fever by Jodi Redford

Who says a wolf can’t make a pussycat purr?

Perfect timing has never been Lilly Prescott’s long suit. Seconds before a showdown with werewolf Dante Morgan, who owns a property that by rights should belong to her, she goes into heat. Not a simple event for a lynx shifter. No, she’s doomed to weeks of frustration that can only be soothed by frequent rolls in the hay—or her hand. Unfortunately, Dante accidentally witnesses the latter.

Left shaken and highly aroused in the snow, Dante can’t believe he’s attracted to the woman who drives him crazy, and not in a good way. Worse, his father has issued an ultimatum. Marry, or abdicate his place as pack leader. On the other hand, it’s the perfect leverage. Lilly will get her land…in exchange for a wedding ring and all the sexual satisfaction she can handle.

Marry Dante? No doubt he’s a poster boy for Hunks ’R’ Us, but he’s rude, arrogant and Lilly’s sworn enemy. Not to mention the thought of losing her independence is frightening as hell.

When they find themselves falling victim to their own charade, though, it’s anything but hell. It’s heaven, and the last thing either of them wants. The real thing. 

                                                              My opinion:
Can years of hatred turn into a strong love affair?

Lilly, a lynx, was trying for years to convince Dante, a werewolf, to sell his land to her. One day while she was going to visit him again, the mating heat hit her hard and she stopped her car to relief some of the tension. Since she had no luck, Dante found her in this vulnerable position. She was beyond furious when she saw him but she couldn't do anything if she wanted to convince him to sell the land. Dante was very adamant about his decision of not selling his land, but that changed when he had a problem with his dad and the solution would come by Lilly. She accepted the offer he made, unfortunately, things didn't exactly go as he planned. There were a few people who didn't want this mating to happen, one of them was going to make  sure that those two would never be together. Thankfully for both this time luck was on their side.

It's a fun read, there's a lot of purring and howling.  There are funny hot and fighting scenes.
 Dante is an alpha werewolf, stubborn bossy but also a true gentleman. Lilly was an alpha female as well, stubborn too, she was also a bit insecure and afraid of certain things.

You can buy it from Amazon:
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