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Dying to survive ( To the Depths of Hell) by Scott Hildreth

A woman is abducted and placed into a room with three other women, all of which resemble her. Confused, scared, lonely, and in constant fear, she waits. The abductor, after a few days, opens the door and explains the following to the group of women, “Tomorrow morning, at eight am, one of you will forfeit your life to save the other three. If one person isn’t willing to die, everyone will die.” 

Ryan Capshaw was raised at the hand of an abusive father, and grew up believing he was worthless. To prove his intelligence and self-worth to himself, he has devised a plan to abduct, torture, and murder four women. One of the women, however, decides to challenge his intent - causing him to reconsider his plan.

This twisting, turning, and ever changing plot will keep you flipping pages until you finally reach the unbelievable ending. When you think you have it figured out, brace yourself, you're DEAD wrong. 

“Dying to Survive”, takes an in-depth and very erotic look through the lives of the characters, as well as the the psychological aspect of abduction, murder, and living as an adult after an abusive childhood. 

Prepare for a trip that will leave you guessing, wondering, and contemplating how you would react, think, and prepare to either die, or be a survivor.

                                                                 My opinion:
Ryan Capshaw had studied psychology since he was judged as mentally unstable to practise this job he decided to create a "game". He was going to abduct 4 women and made them take the biggest decision of their life. At first, everything was going according to his plan but two days later something unexpected happened and he had to figure out how to cover this mess. He used Meghan, one of the women, for his "dirty job". After that, he wanted to change his life he thought he could do it with her until he found his alter ego, Ami. Both of their tastes were borderline criminal which was what bond them in the first place, what they did afterwards bond them for their rest of their life (even in hell).

A Very interesting storyline for a dark erotica/thriller. The main characters were a bit complicated. Especially Ryan and Meghan. They were abused as kids which were easy to understand what led them to be like that. But in the last few chapters, Ryan's character confused me a lot. Meghan was a strong and very intelligent woman who liked kinky sex. Ryan was obviously crazy, it started because of his abusive past and became worst when he met Ami. At first, he was only playing mind games later he was taking lives because of his twisted new game. In general, it's a very good book and you won't be disappointed if you read it.

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