Melody Anne's Billionaire Universe: Secrets by Marian Tee

New priorities have forced Vivian to spend significant time away from Italian billionaire Luca Valencia, but it doesn’t seem like Vivian’s powerful, gorgeous husband even notices her absence. Even worse, Luca’s beautiful ex-wife has suddenly returned to the picture and makes no effort to hide her intentions: Maria wants her family back – and she believes she has what it takes to be a better wife and mother than Vivian can ever be. 

Pride forces Vivian to pretend she’s not hurting while love forces her to face the toughest question: is it right to fight for her marriage – even if she’s no longer sure that she’s what Luca and his little girl need to be happy?

                                                                  My opinion:
Luca and Vivian were married and living happily. She was determined to be an ideal wife that would make proud her billionaire husband that's why she started going to college. Luca started having nightmares about Vivian leaving him. He was so scared since he loved her so much. Then his ex-wife appeared which made Vivi more insecure than she already was.  This was the downfall of their relationship, her insecurities drove her to make some really bad choices that almost cost her family's happiness. Thankfully for all of them, Luca knew his wife well and trusted that she'd make the right choice in the end.

In this book, the storyline is focused on Luca's and Vivian's marriage. Especially on how much they love and desire each other and on Vivian's insecurities that threaten to destroy their relationship.

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