Jaak and Ilse: A Dutch Billionaire Love Story by Marian Tee

He’s her first lover, she’s his first and only friend. Love isn’t ever supposed to be part of the equation until an accident changes everything. 

When 32-year-old billionaire Jaak de Konigh first sets his sight on Ilse Muir, he knows he has to have her, and he’s always gotten what he’s wanted. But the stunningly beautiful Dutch proves him wrong by walking out on his offer to make her his mistress. 

23-year-old Ilse Muir only has room for one man in her life, and that’s her brother. She lives for him and no one else, and for him she’s willing to sacrifice everything. She has absolutely no time for pleasure and certainly not dating but there’s just something about the billionaire that’s wickedly different. He has her hot and bothered, and he annoys her like no other. But most of all, he makes her smile…when she thought she had long forgotten how it was to smile. 

All his life Jaak has been fielding off women, but with Ilse it’s become the opposite. She has him jumping through hoops, and it’s as frustrating as it’s exhilarating. Where women used to treat him a trophy, Ilse amuses and exasperates the billionaire by hiding from him and hiding him like a dirty secret. Before he knows it, Ilse has become the reason he wakes up to every day…when it used to be that the billionaire hasn’t allowed himself to live for anyone else. 

Love wasn’t ever supposed to be in the equation. It was only supposed to be about sex. 

But when she starts asking too many questions, and he starts making her heart beat--- 

Everything changes. 

Boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl live happily ever after. 

That’s how it’s supposed to be, but Jaak and Ilse both know they’re too damaged to make it work the way others do. If they both want to be with each other--- 

He can’t ever say he loves her…and she can’t ever say she needs him.

                                      My opinion:
Ilse had recently lost her parents and was struggling to find money so she could take care of herself and her ill brother. 4 years later she had a decent job as a tour guide. That's how she met the mysterious Jaak de Konigh. He wanted her so much that he was willing to pay a ton of money to have her in his bed. But Ilse wasn't that kind of woman. That made Jaak try harder to get her, he was also lucky enough to have help from Ilse's close friend. They were having fun but their secrets were causing problems to this "relationship". For months it pained them both to be apart but Jaak was determined to change that, she was the only woman for him. They decided to finally tell everything to each other and try again. They were so in love and happy until the accident, everything changed after that. With Willem's help and their undying love, they would now get to spend their life together.

It's a very romantic story with the right amount of heartache that makes it so interesting. Both characters are so much alike. They are intelligent, attractive, well-mannered and strong with just a few weaknesses. There are a lot of fun moments and a few that are sad and painful. A few parts made me proud of Ilse and others made me furious with Jaak's actions. I loved every minute of this book, especially the unique and kinky happy ending.

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                                           Jaak and Ilse

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