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Daddy's Girl by Isabella Starling, Demi Donovan

Every brat needs a Daddy.

Daddy's tastes are naughty and rough,
finding the right girl has been tough.

Daddy's had them all you see,
but his little girl is the one he can't set free.

Now Daddy has a lovely pet,
a naughty toy that's scared of every threat.

But brats are always hard to train,
and Daddy's girl has earned the cane.

Time to break out the whips and chains,
get some blood pulsing through baby's veins.

Think twice before you disobey,
pretty girls in tears make Daddy's day...

                                                     My opinion:
Law was planning for a long time to get his hands on Lily. One night she gave him the perfect opportunity by hitting on him in a shady bar. The result wasn't good for her since she ended up chained in a cellar. She was scared of him but at the same time she felt she could trust him, but most of all her body reacted to him like it had never done before. Law wanted to break her, teach her how to be a good girl for her Daddy. Even though this situation was wrong and forbidden Lily fell for him. The only problem was that a certain person wanted to hurt Lily and he wasn't going to allow that. He sent her away to protect her but she only wanted to be with her Daddy and she would do anything to make it happen.

It's a very dark and twisted Daddy/little story. It contains kidnapping, abuse, swearing, sex and a happily ever after. The characters are twisted. Law was a man who was training girls to be slaves. Lily was a girl who had lost her dad and her mother didn't give a shit about her which led her to act like a spoiled brat. She was an innocent young girl and he was the handsome monster with a conscience. A very odd but common combination that works well in dark stories. It's a very nice story with an interesting plot.

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