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Don't Touch by Lucy Wild

One office temp…
I was hired to sneak into his office, steal his secrets, then get out. The plan was perfect. Until he caught me.

One CEO…
I could have her arrested. Instead I'm taking her to my house? What the hell am I doing?

One weekend…
Day one, I became Daddy's little girl. Day two, he reminded me why I was hired.

One decision…
All I can do is show her my world. It's up to her whether to embrace it or destroy it.

                                                            My opinion:
Natalie loved her book boyfriends brooding and scowling. In real life, she hadn't much luck in the love department or in her professional life. One day the agency sent her to a very mysterious job. She had to spy on a CEO for a week and they would give her twenty thousand dollars.  The money was a lot and she couldn't refuse.  Natalie was an innocent looking girl, that's why Mason's eye caught her immediately.  He felt the urge to protect her among other things.  Natalie was attracted to him so she had to find out his secret soon and get out of there.  While she was trying to find his secret she was discovering a part of herself that she didn't know that existed.  She was so close to succeeding but he caught her. He decided that he would tell her his secret, show her who she really was and hope for the best.  She turned out to be his perfect little girl. For the first time in her life, she would have someone to take care of her and she was more than willing to return the favour.

This was such a delightful Daddy/little story.  It's sweet, funny and dirty. The characters were shaped exactly for their roles. Natalie might have been an adult but she had all the characteristics of a young girl. She was innocent, pretty and loyal. Mason was a very caring person and very strict when needed which made him a great DD.  Part of this story was like a fairytale with the little princess, her prince and their "castle". Many of us could identify with Natalie's character because she was a book nerd and loved the men in her books. In general is a very good book, well written and fun to read.

                                                           Don't Touch

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