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Storm (Ashes & Embers #1) by Carian Cole

The calm before the storm…

I lived in the quiet stillness. 
I felt the wind rustle, warning me, telling me to get out of its path.

But I didn’t.
I never stood a chance.

A series of weather and road mishaps leaves me trapped in the middle of a blizzard with a complete stranger. In the back of a pickup truck. For forty-eight freakin’ hours.

A stranger with long hair, tattoos, and rippling with muscle. 

A stranger with an insanely sexy voice and a wicked smile that turned my insides to jelly. 

A stranger who held me in his arms, calmed me, and then set a fire in me that I couldn’t put out.

Storm lives up to his name. Beautiful. Dangerously inviting. Tumultuous. Dark. A clash of hot and cold.

He’s used to getting everything he wants.

And now he wants me.

Some people chase storms for the beautiful thrill. What happens when the storm chases you?

                                                          My opinion:
Evelyn was trying to go to the Falls In for her meeting but she got lost in a snow blizzard. Thankfully for her, a man found her when her car stuck. He offered to help her and even though she was scared he could be a psycho killer she went with him. They didn't have much luck because his truck didn't go far before they crashed again. Storm and Evelyn stayed there for almost two days. They talked a lot and he made her feel and do things she had never done before. When he took her home she thought it would be the last time she would see him but she was wrong. The next day she found out who he really was and that he had no intention of disappearing from her life. He wanted her in his life but she was afraid to be with a rock star. From the moment she decided to give it a try with Storm her life seemed to change drastically. She found a job she liked, a new cosy home and a man who loved her more than anything. For the first time in her life, she was truly happy.

It's such a romantic, funny and sexy as hell story. I loved everything in this book, the characters, the funny scenes, the emotional ones and last but not least the scorching hot ones. Here the male character is the one who reveals his emotions first and he goes after the female. Both of them have been hurt in the past by personal tragedies. They were very different people. Storm was a handsome, tattooed hunk of a man who followed his instincts, he didn't question anything. The only thing he wanted was to feel normal and be loved. Evelyn was a scared girl who was used in her daily routine, she was afraid of anything new. She was sweet, caring, honest, but feisty and snarky when needed. They completed each other. From the very first chapter i fell in love with this book, it's so captivating.

Some of my favourite lines:
1)“Oh, so murdering psychopaths announce their intentions to their victims now?” 

2)“Excuse me, miss, but I shall commence killing you now. Please, remain in the vehicle until I have reached the designated killing area.”

3)“Relax, little one. I’m not going to touch you or hurt you. But I will be the ghost that haunts you.”

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