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A Little Wager by Lucy Wild

A broken orphan
Cold and hungry, Elizabeth Wilkinson knows you can't trust anyone. So when Sir Charles Doyle finds her begging and offers her a life of unbridled riches, she knows there must be a catch. Why would a man with such immense wealth waste his time helping a homeless pauper like her? More importantly why does he insist on calling her his little Beth?

A notorious gambler
The world of high society knows all about Charles Doyle and his inability to stop gambling. What they don't know is just how much he stands to lose, everything he owns riding on this one wager. In Little Beth, he hopes he's not only found a way to claw back his losses but also to get revenge on his oldest rival.

A little wager
What began as a simple bet to turn a prudish pauper into a submissive little girl soon becomes something much more as Beth slowly discovers a love for her master's firm hand on her backside. But as Charles begins to fall for her in turn, will he be able to let her go when the wager is over? Will Anna be able to put up with his spankings for long enough to help him become the honest man she knows he can be? And just who will win this little wager?

                                                             My opinion:
Elizabeth Wilkinson had been an orphan since a very young age. She was very poor and her only income came from her sewing machine. But it wasn't enough and she ended up homeless, hungry and cold. Charles Doyle was a gambler since a young age. Unfortunately, he also loved to drink which made him agree to a bet he couldn't handle. He was given one more chance to save his fortune, the only thing he had to do was to make a woman submissive. Lizzie was at the wrong place at the wrong time so she ended up being the girl on their bet. Lizzie had accepted quite easily this situation since he showed that he cared about her, plus she had a warm bed to sleep on and food. Charles was happy to see that she was a natural submissive, what he didn't expect was that he would start falling for the young girl. As a result, he couldn't go through with this wager, he refused to hurt her so he let her free. Lizzie though wasn't going to let the only person who cared about her be destroyed by a monster.

A BDSM related story focused on a Sir/little relationship. It has an interesting storyline with a nice twist in the end. I found a refreshing difference about the characters in this book from the other similar books I have read from Lucy Wild. Here the male character has to learn how to train the little girl and the female isn't a brat, she's a natural submissive who discovers love, care and adult pleasure. They also belong to two different worlds, one is rich and respectable the other is very poor. If you like historical age play stories you're going to love this one.

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                                        A Little Wager

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