Daddy Dom by Lucy Wild

She brought me a parcel. I'm keeping her.

My ordered world fell apart when an innocent delivery girl knocked on the door of my penthouse suite. I had to have her. She thinks she can just say no and I'll let her leave but she's about to learn that when I want something, I get it. By the time I'm finished with her, she'll be begging me for more.

When he opened his door, he gave me such an intense look that my panties almost melted. Then he opened his mouth, yelling at me for getting his order wrong, threatening to punish me for his mistake. 
He might be a millionaire and the hottest guy I've ever seen but he's rude, he's arrogant and...and somehow I'm now tied to his bed with a blindfold over my eyes, nervously waiting to find out how he's going to punish me.

                                                              My opinion:
Evangeline's roommate was sick so she helped her by delivering a parcel for her. That's how she met Dominic. He was sexy but so rude, he frightened her. She thought that she would never see him again, but her friend offered her the chance to go there for one more time. Dominic had big troubles at work but he couldn't get Evangeline out of his mind. The time finally came where he could punish his naughty girl for being late. There was a small incident that left both of them wondering about this relationship, but after lots of thinking and talking everything was good between them. Evangeline connected with her little side and Dominic had found his perfect girl. Their happiness didn't stop there because in the end both of their dreams would come true.

It's a sweet and sexy Daddy/little story. It has a lot of BDSM kinky erotic parts. It shows more of the physical relationship than the emotional. There is a few information about Dominic's life but not so much about Evangeline's. A few facts I gathered about the characters are that Dominic is sexy, arrogant, domineering and protector. Evangeline was a sweet young girl with a submissive side who loved to bake. It is quite a nice story although, in the beginning, it reminded me a lot of 50 shades.

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