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Daddy's Here by Lucy Wild

My father thinks I’m going to marry the wimp he’s chosen. I've got news for him. I am out of here.

When the girl vanished, I was hired to bring her back. It was just another job. Until I found out the real reason why she ran.

The rebellious daughter...
The plan was simple. Stay out of sight and out of reach. Then he found me. Now I’m trapped with a brute who refuses to let me out of his sight.

The hired muscle...
If I don’t take her home, I'm a dead man. So why did I just grab her? And why am I pushing her down onto her knees?

                                                                  My opinion:
Isabel was a 19-year-old girl who partied and got drunk so she could forget how empty her life was. Then one day her estranged father told her she had to marry a gangster's son. Of course, she didn't take the news well and fled. The gangster, Tony, sent one of his goons to take her back. Jake found her quickly but after meeting her he felt the urge to protect her. He was torn, he didn't want to take her back even though he knew this would be the end of him. As the days past and the little Daddy/little game they started was growing in them, he knew what he had to do. But Tony's other goons found them and took her. Jake had to find his little girl before it was too late...

A nice romantic, action Daddy/little story. It has a very adventurous storyline with a few erotic/kinky scenes. The Daddy/little part is quite subtle, it's a lot like a roleplay. The scenes were continuously alternating from romantic to funny to action. Good choice of characters: Isabel a girl "lost" who can't find a purpose in her life and needs someone to help her. Jake a man who lost everything and easily took the role of protector. He is not the usual type of Daddy, which made it so much more fun. There wasn't a dull moment in this book. I liked it a lot, definitely a 5-star for me!!!

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                                      Daddy's Here

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