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Rock Hard (Rock Kiss #2) by Nalini Singh

In New York Times Bestselling author Nalini Singh’s newest contemporary romance, passion ignites between a gorgeous, sinfully sexy man who built himself up from nothing and a shy woman who has a terrible secret in her past… 

Wealthy businessman Gabriel Bishop rules the boardroom with the same determination and ruthlessness that made him a rock star on the rugby field. He knows what he wants, and he’ll go after it no-holds-barred.

And what he wants is Charlotte Baird.

Charlotte knows she’s a mouse. Emotionally scarred and painfully shy, she just wants to do her job and remain as invisible as possible. But the new CEO—a brilliant, broad-shouldered T-Rex of a man who growls and storms through the office, leaving carnage in his wake—clearly has other plans. Plans that may be equal parts business and bedroom.

If Charlotte intends to survive this battle of wits and hearts, the mouse will have to learn to wrangle the T-Rex. Game on.

                                                            My opinion:
Charlotte was a very timid and nice girl that worked at Saxon & Archer, a company that was ready to close. The last chance they had in survival was the new CEO, Gabriel Bishop. On a Saturday night and with a very unorthodox way she met him for the first time. As the days passed Gabriel was getting more interested in the little mouse, Charlotte. He realised how skilled and smart she was, so he made her his PA. Gabriel was driving Charlie crazy with his demands, so much that she started talking back to him. Both of them often had wild fantasies for each other but only one of them had decided to pursue the other one. There was one big problem, Charlotte had a very traumatic experience so Gabriel had to be extra careful with her. But first, he had to find out her story. After that and with a very slow pace Charlie was claiming herself back with his help. It took her a few months but she was finally free from the terror that was holding her back. She now had all the time in the world to create a new life with her T-Rex.

Such a beautiful emotional story. Full of arguments, wild fantasies, mild erotic scenes and two characters that make a 360 turn on their lives. The way it's written helps you feel the terror, the pain and Charlie's gradual improvement. In this book, the female character is the most broken and the male the one that initiates the relationship and helps her overcome her fears. Gabriel is a very handsome, masculine, strong headed, smart, bossy man. Known as a T-Rex or Beast to his employees since he was very demanding and had a temper. Charlotte was a small young female, she was smart, kind, sweet, helpful, lovable, quiet but deep inside her was hiding a tigress. In the end, she proved to be very brave. I liked this book a lot. It deserves 5 stars!!!

                                              You can buy it from Amazon:
                              Rock Hard (Rock Kiss #2)

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