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Talon (Ashes & Embers #4) by Carian Cole


Caring. Hard-working. A devoted family man, loves kids.
Clean cut, funny, smart, quiet, but a good communicator.

~ Asia Jenson


Independent. Tall, blonde, sexy. Outgoing. Intelligent, 
neat. Unslutty. Confident. Loves to travel. Committed.

~ Talon Valentine


The concept was scary but exciting... 

Marry a total stranger.

Live together for six months.

Journal everything. (Feelings. Fights. All of it.)

After six months, we each get $50K in trade for our journals, whether we stay married or not. But the goal is to commit to the experience and see if the relationship experts could put together the perfect matches.

I have never been lucky in love. This was my chance to find my soulmate.

I couldn’t wait to meet the man the experts felt was perfect for me.

My hopes were immediately dashed when I saw him at the altar.

Shit. I married my worst nightmare.


                                                          My opinion:
Talon was not only famous for his career in music but also his bed skills. The problem was that he couldn't find a woman who would care about him as a person. But his mom had a solution for that. Asia's dating life wasn't very well lately, that's why her friend decided to help a little. Both of them took part in the same marriage experiment and even better that matched them together. They weren't what they expected to be paired with but they at least had to try to make it work. At first, Talon was more willing to make it work since Asia was more worried about the possibility of this failing. Slowly they were getting used to each other and their feelings were growing, but old habits die hard. They had a lot of fights but the good moments were more. A disease and a bad decision ruined their happiness. For one more time the "guardian angel" helped them with this mistake and Tallon would do anything to get back his wife.

Such a romantic backwards story. It's quite different from the other books. It begins with a marriage and ends up with dating. Here the girl is the one with the shitty background. The characters are great. Talon was a goofy sexy passionate man that hid behind his sarcastic humour. He had the ability to fuck up everything (by accident). But he could be the sweetest person on earth when he wanted. Asia was a very unfortunate girl, she was abused and abandoned by everyone in her life. She was sweet, quiet, determined and a hard worker. She was like an innocent little kitty but she could claw your eyes out if needed. They were so much different yet they were the perfect match. I loved their little banters and sarcastic comments. Great story!!!

My favourite lines:
1)He claps his hands together. "Woo-hoo. Go put something sexy on."
  "Sleep, Talon. As in, in the same bed. Not sex."
  He rises and scowls at me. "What the fuck? Don't tease me like that, baby. My dick can't take this shit."

2)Hello, my name is Asia, and I love to torture myself. I also enjoy probing into other people's sexual fantasies and long walks on the beach.

3)Whoa. Dude. Level-ten crazy, mind-bending, vag-drenching, heart-stopping declaration of sexual proportions.

4)Loaded question alert.
  Loaded question alert.

  Proceed with caution.

                               You can buy it from Amazon:
                                Talon (Ashes & Embers #4)

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