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Loner by M.L. Sapphire

All he wanted was to be left alone... until he met her. 

Brooke needs a break from her daily life – work, dating, all of it – and decides to visit her sister in Montreal. Unfortunately, her car breaks down on the way there and she's stuck in rural Vermont with a blizzard rolling in. 

When handsome and wealthy loner, Dylan Thompson, finds Brooke slowly freezing to death on the side of the road, an instant attraction ignites. The only problem is that Dylan, after being crushed by a past girlfriend, has sworn off all women for good. 

But it doesn't take Dylan long to realize that Brooke isn't all women... 

She's the woman of his Dreams. 

                                                              My opinion:
Dylan used to work on Wall Street, he had a horrible boss and the only woman he loved ended up betraying him. So he decided to leave that all behind and change his life. Since he had enough money he built a house in the middle of nowhere so no one would bother him. Brooke was working in a law firm, her love life wasn't good since she couldn't find a decent man. So she planned a trip to visit her big sister to talk. Unfortunately, she didn't reach her destination because of a bad snow storm. Thankfully for her Dylan found her on his way home. There was an instant attraction between them that later that night led them to very wild and playful time. They soon realized that they were each other's perfect match but the only problem was that Dylan had sworn off from relationships. He had to decide if this little encounter and his newfound feelings were enough for a new beginning with Brooke.

It's a very romantic (kinda love at first sight), entertaining (especially their train of thoughts and fantasies) and the erotic scenes are very kinkalicious. The story seems to concentrate more on their physical attraction and it describes only a few days of their lives. The characters have a lot of similarities: they are both intelligent, college educated, excellent at their jobs, attractive, well mannered, funny, they had bad luck in their love life. Their differences were that he was a loner and preferred his privacy whereas she preferred to be around her friends and family and loved to travel. It's perfect for lonely nights or if you want ideas to spice up your love life. I liked it a lot.

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