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My Italian Beast (Part Two): Contemporary Billionaire Romance (Beasts in Bed Book 4) by Marian Tee

Determined to put her short-lived marriage completely behind her, Anneke de Konigh files for divorce, believing she would have no trouble getting the court to grant it. After all, only her Italian billionaire husband could stand in her way, but why would he when he had thrown her away first? 

Marcus Ravelli wants his wife back, but he also knows it’s going to be a treacherously uphill battle to earn back Anneke’s trust – and especially when his estranged wife comes to know the devastating truth about his past.

                                                                 My opinion:
Marcus since a very young age was abused by his father. That man first introduced him to the darkness he was living. The same darkness that was keeping him away from his beautiful wife Anneke. He didn't want to "dirty" her so he decided to push her away instead. When he realised that she loved him unconditionally he immediately regretted what he'd done to her. He hoped that it wasn't too late to get her back. Three months after that incident Anneke found the strength to fill in for a divorce. For almost a year Marcus was trying his best so this divorce wouldn't be finalised. He would try for one more time to earn her love. She was too hurt to trust him again. So time was passing and they were going back and forth in their relationship, continually hurting each other's feelings. Until the whole truth was out and she managed to forgive him.

This is the continuation of Marcus and Anneke's story. In the first book their relationship started good and turned out badly, here is the exact opposite. It's filled with so much pain and hurt, the happy moments are limited. It's a battle of emotions, Marcus is tortured by his past and his love for Anneke. Uncertain of what to do or how to do it, he always achieved the opposite of what he was trying. Throughout the story, Anneke was receiving one blow after the other, especially when she was the happiest. My favourite part was the epilogue. It is a nice story but unfortunately, it isn't my cup of tea. I would have liked it more if it had more happiness and playfulness and less sadness.

                               You can buy it from Amazon:
                                  My Italian Beast (Part Two)

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